Drunky & Flirty!

Last night, I was at my drunken best!


Attended a champagne tasting at a small wine bar in Linsen North Road, which was attended by over 50 people.

It was so much fun and a rare treat as there were three types of champagne — the Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial (ordinary champagne), Brut Imperial Rose (pink colored) and a Vintage 1999.

Australian-Chinese ST was there to teach us the ins and outs of champagne. He also offered some trivia that champagnes are a mixture of 3 grapes, vintage means 95% of the bottle’s content come from a specific year, how to drink champagnes (sip, don’t guzzle it) and how many bubbles are there in a champagne bottle (10 million approx).

Given my low alcohol tolerance, I was happily tipsy by end of ST’s talk.

Serves me right for stealing a few more drops of those delicious bubblies, that I drank around 2 to 3 glasses of champagne… instead of just 1!

Man, when I get tipsy, I go really crazy.

I’m not like those women who go Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz after they’re tipsy.

In contrast, I get really hyper.

Oh my god.

Get this, I smile a lot…

talk a lot…

giggle (the horror! Hello Kitty at its finest!)…

become super-duper touchy (to the delight of my guy friends who don’t mind being hugged and touched)…

and is just plain happy!

I’m serious.

Take me away from alcohol in the presence of guys! I’ve been mistaken to be dating some of the men in the party because of the way I acted with them.

What do I mean by that?

Well, what if we say that I have a tendency of getting just too comfortable with them, letting the Pinoy side of me roar (e.g., I get so malambing)?

Anyway, when I drink some bubblies and get as red as a tomato (which is almost everytime), I get the excuse to be super-friendly and flirt with whomever I want.

Which was perfect because French cutie was in the house!!! 🙂

I wasn’t a bumbling drunk though. Regardless on how much I drank, I was still able to manage some decent intellectual conversation. However, as MQ and David have been constantly pouring Spanish red wine into my glass despite the champagne (Aiyo, my guy friends all want to see me drunk!), I was already a little overbuzzed by 11PM!

And this was on a Thursday night! 😉

Bad Raven.

Bad BAD Raven…

Regardless, I had a lot of fun!

I mainly hung out with MD, KW and her cute French friends, and of course, French cutie who was especially there for the bubblies… and of course, the hot ladies who were also present!

Oh my gosh… I can’t help but rave about French cutie — he is just so cute! Extremely charming too and flirts like crazy!

*drools and melts to the floor*

Hahaha, must’ve been the alcohol, but last night was fun. Come midnight however, I was wobbly and ready to go home.

So who did I go home with?!

Drumroll please….!

Who else but the suave Frenchman!

*smiles widely… and smiles some more!*

Yup, that’s right! French cutie!!!

And don’t think too much with what I’m going to say next… but as we were in the cab, we felt the night was still young so…

…your “good” girl Raven was treated to some naughty XXOXXOX and an OXXAXX before calling it a night!

*innocent smile*

Hahaha, don’t be such a prude. 🙂

I know it sounds really naughty so I will not exactly divulge what happened afterwards, but it was a good way to finish the enjoyable night! I’ll just let your imaginations go wild! 😉

Serious talk now, I had a great time and so did everyone who attended the event.

Note to self however: alcohol fortunately (and unfortunately) brings out the best/worst side of me… so next time, I’ll try to control myself more and drink only top shelf.

This morning, dissheveled, lazy and thirsty, I was like, “Sh*t. Did I just make a fool out of myself last night?”

But what the heck.

Life’s too short for regrets, and am sure I didn’t do anything I’d mightily regret afterwards.

Or so I think.

Shoot, I forgot how the night actually ended.

I didn’t even know how the heck I got up on time!

*NT$340 for taxi fare down the drain cause I woke up a teeny-bitty late last night*

But heck, it was worth it.

French cutie is an absolute delight as I’ve never seen a more natural flirt in my entire life. He’s so good at what he does, you wouldn’t mind being screwed.

*sorry for the pun*

In addition, he’s also the perfect gentleman and I’ve learned so much about him from last night.

What does he look like?

No pictures, sorry. But trust me, he’s cute.

His appeal lies on the fact that he looks like an angel, but is naughty as hell!

Which is perfect for the thing we have right now. 😉

*mwah, mwah*

Anyway, work week’s almost done! Yay!

So you guys behave (I know I will… for now), and have a great weekend ahead!

Ooooh, am so excited about this weekend. Hope I can give you some juicy stories when I get back on Monday!

C’est la vie!

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