Taken from the Raven Archives of December 23, 2005, but still applicable today:

We live in such a superficial society which places much emphasis on material goods and physical beauty.

It’s funny. I know a 28-year old investment banker who owns a blue Porsche and drives like hell. I think he owns one and drives fast to impress women.

“Are you impressed?” he asked.

Not really,” I replied. “How do you get off this car?”

“Well, that defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?” he said as he helped me get off his car.

I’m sure other women will be impressed.

I’m not really impressed with fast cars. I’d bet his monthly payments must be huge!

I find it even funnier that he drives his Porsche only on weekends.

During weekdays, he drives his scooter to work.


Ah, never judge the book by its cover.


Weight is also a major issue among women in Taiwan.

“My colleagues are great, but they always tease me about being fat and always eating,” a girl friend said.

Now, that’s rude.

Forgive me, but women here are super-duper thin. If a Filipino came to Taiwan for a visit, he/she would think that women here are malnourished.

Actually, every time my mom came to visit, she’s always surprised on how thin I am! I usually gain a couple more pounds because she’d always take me to delicious eat-all-you-can dinners just to stuff me up.

But I’m used to it.

The last time I went back to Manila, I was surprised on how curvy and weightier (not fat) Filipinas are. It’s so unlike Taiwan where women are formed straight like a tree.

But here, the standard of beauty is to be super thin. If you’re even a bit overweight, local men would not pursue you.

Why would you want these men anyway?” I told my friend. “You’re beautiful. Your curves are an asset. No one wants to date a lamp post.”

But reality is, in Taiwan, there is just too much pressure.

Too much pressure to have a high-paying job, a boyfriend, getting married, and staying thin.

No wonder cosmetics here sell like pancakes.

Every time department stores have sales, you’ll be surprised how many women would line up just for a NT$30,000 (P45,000) bottle of ointment!

Shopping is also a favorite hobby. Most women when bored would shop and burn their cash. I know of someone who wouldn’t hesitate to shop US$100,000 worth of goods in a weekend!

That’s why, whereas Sogo in other countries (including Japan) has already closed down or losing money, Sogo in Taiwan is so profitable. It’s like an amusement park for women.

I don’t really like to go to Sogo… I find their things to be overpriced. A dilemma since our company gives us Sogo gift vouchers every holiday.

I mean, why would I pay NT$2,000 (P3,000) for a shirt if I can get a similar yet cheaper one in a night market?

They look a lot better too! Expensive doesn’t exactly mean attractive. It all depends on the one carrying it. There are some people who found my dress to the gala stunning even though I just found it in the street store. One person even thought I bought it from Christian Dior.

Don’t get me wrong.

If something’s expensive, of course, the quality should be better. And ideally, they should “fit” better. I mean, I always drool over BCBG tops, though they’re way over my budget.

But one shouldn’t buy something just because they’re expensive.



I wanna look at hot sexy women,” a guy acquaintance said.

*roll eyes*

I find many guys here to think with their crotch than with their head. Are sexiness all they look for? Many hot women I know are b*tchy.

And yet, I find so many men hanging out on bars just to watch sexy women.

Some are even as old as my dad (My dad’s 73 btw).

My gosh, grow up!

That’s reality though, can’t help it.

Moving on…

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  1. i totally feel your sentiment there… that’s what the world has come down to, superficiality. I blame barbie and professional wrestling on tv.

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