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A few weeks ago, I’ve vowed to simplify my life (I tend to complicate my life unnecessarily it seems), and I’ve been taking concrete steps in making it happen.

First, I’m doing more of the things I want.

I try to wallclimb at least twice a week (so looking forward to climbing tomorrow and on the weekend), step out of my comfort zone and do more traveling (preparing for my Burma/Myanmar trip this end of May).

Secondly, I’m surrounding myself with people I know will matter in my life.

No longer am I going to force myself in the company of people I don’t really like just because it’s what’s expected of me. From my three years here in Taiwan, I’ve discovered that finding someone who shares the same wavelength as you is very important in a lasting friendship. If you don’t hit it off from the beginning, chances are, you’ll be mere acquaintances in the future. So why even bother investing too much time with people you know will not return your affection.

Thirdly, I’m reducing those stuff that unnecessarily complicate my life.

It’s about time… time for me to let go of things that are bringing me down.

Ever since I’ve started leading this organization, we have almost doubled our membership, increased our funds and organized 41 projects in a year — that’s an average of over 3 projects in a month. However, as a consequence, these continuous flow of projects have also brought in several high-pressure situations that frustrates and brings out the worst in me.

For example, how would you react if people tell you they’re going to go in a project, and then never show up, leaving you with a NT$4,800 tab?

How would you feel when a typhoon postpones a project twice and people are cancelling left and right?

What would you do if you need to sell around 150 NT$1600 tickets in just a month, otherwise your organization goes completely bankrupt?

Yes, I know others could have handled it better… but handling these minor problems pile up and the frustration starts to accumulate. I’m not making excuses but now I ask myself, “Is it the nature of the job that’s stressful, or is it I who put unnecessary stress into the job?

My friend MS asks what the difference is…

I told MS, “If it’s the nature of the job, it means that I did my best and anybody else handling my responsibility will probably react the same way or even worse. If it’s just me that’s the problem, it means I need to work on my leadership skills and improve that.”

Yes, I’ve learned a lot about myself this past year, some I like, some I don’t.

I realize that I get bossy when I want certain things to be done in a certain way. And if you choose to do it your way, then better make sure that your way is better than mine.

I realize that I am lucky to have a terrific team backing me up, and I couldn’t have done any of this without all of their help. I’ve always expressed my appreciation for their help and support, and wish I can do more to show my gratitude. I’m not a one-woman show and I’m glad I have a team that ensures that it’s not.

I realize I’m a time-freak and obsess about orderly schedules and making sure that everything is prepared, goes smoothly and on time. I also realize that not everybody is like me, and that some want to do things spontaneously which drives me nuts!

I realize I work well with people I respect, and this respect has to be earned. I realize that some people sometimes have sh*t to handle in their lives and sometimes, you’d have to pick up their slack when they hide in their caves and forget their responsibilities.

I realize that I get impatient with wishy-washy people who can’t make up their own minds and muddle their thoughts with BS. I prefer responsible people whose word is worth more than the weight of gold.

I realize that I’m pretty good at organizing events. Yes, some may not be as perfect, but at least, they get done and though I get a few complaints (sigh, you can’t please everyone), at least most are generally happy with the events we make.

But my year’s almost up and it’s almost time for the next phase. Not in the near future, but yes, I’m starting to let go. As they say, “If God closes the door, He opens the window.

And I’m now looking out for that window… the next step in my interesting life in Taipei.

In addition, I’m on my way to being pickier with the people I hang out with, using the qualification of, “Will they be there when I’m sick?

If not, well, sayonara.

Life’s too short to waste on acquaintances who doesn’t give a sh*t about you. Now’s the time to think about quality, and not quantity. Now’s the time to think of things that do matter.
Last weekend has been a pretty cool and relaxing.

On Wednesday, I went to the Sommelier Wine Party at Tienmu. For a mere NT$800, you get to drink as much wine and champagne as you want and chow on a varied selection of pasta, bread and cheese. Great deal!

There, I met my French cutie, his friends/colleagues SB and Chris, an old friend who I haven’t seen for a long time, Mary, and even got to meet SB’s mom who’s here for the holidays. I also met British beauty AF and her friends.

French and Cancer-born SB was a bit tipsy that night. I think he drank 6 more glasses than I did.

He kept on repeating how much his mom likes me (and that she doesn’t really like anyone) and how I look like a mutual friend whom AF says he fancies. He also asked me if there’s anything going on between me and French cutie, since French cutie is always surrounded by adoring girls.


He also asked me out for this weekend, promising to take me to try out some cheap yet delicious fare in the YangMing mountain (We’ll see how this turns out. You know how guys promise the moon and give you nothing).

AF comments that SB’s sweet. “Any guy with a dog and two cats should be sweet enough,” the animal-loving AF says.

From now on, we’ll call SB French #2 and we’ll see how this one goes. It’s interesting though that guys who are recently interested in me were all Cancers. Call me superstitious but as I’ve said, Cancers and Librans aren’t really compatible. What’s more weird is that SB shares the same birthday as Ex #2!

It’s literally a MESS (taking all of these guys’ initials). But interesting to find out that all of the guys who’ve expressed interest after I broke up with Ex#2 were in succession, born late June or early July.

So weird.

Overall though, I enjoyed the quiet party. I hobnobed with good friends, met new ones, had a drink and enjoyed the authentic pesto and meat sauce pasta. I even got the chance to hold a NT$36,000 bottle of 1992 wine.

*thumbs up*

Yup, this is one party I’m going to go often. But of course, the night didn’t stop there. Around midnight, we moved the party to Carnegies where we danced on the bar and enjoyed ourselves till around 2:30AM!

Saturday was just spent chilling out with old friends.

My Japanese friend XinRu was here on the holidays so I spent the afternoon having coffee with her near Gungguan. It’s been a while since I’ve seen her, and life hasn’t really been easy on her. This is how she looks like now:
And our dinner — lu wei — her special request.

Don’t you just love these Taiwanese dishes?

Afterwards, I went to a friend’s apartment to watch “Lord of War” and eating takeout TingTaiFong dumplings.

Cool movie, I’ve always liked Nick Cage.

Sunday was my organization’s brunch which was attended by almost 60 people. The Shannon was full and it was great fun.

After that, I went to check out a health center in Hsindien with a friend.
I was blown away by the husband-wife tandem (Scott and Mia) musical performance. They used ancient Chinese instruments to create unique sounds and my mouth just went agape after hearing them sing and perform. It was so worth the trip!

I also gave my support ot my friend Yaya who performed a Balinese dance that day. Bali dancing emphasizes slow, determined movements and is very similar to Thai in costume and to Chinese in music.
Then, I went to CKS Hall to watch my friend LL perform. The play was adapted from Oscar Wilde’s play.

The most memorable line in the play was: “Time flew so fast, I didn’t even manage to catch it clearly.” That’s her crying on the floor:

LL was great, and even though the play was in Mandarin and Taiwanese, I enjoyed it.

Then, I dropped by Brown Sugar for some dancing before heading home.

Overall, a relaxing weekend!

Have a great Tuesday you guys!!!

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