Guilty pleasures!

Last Saturday, after having brunch with my girlfriends at the Shannon, I’ve pampered myself with a bit of retail therapy… 🙂

Raven has been baaaaaaaaaaaad…

I’m not really much of a shopper. I don’t even know what to do with the Sogo gift certificates my company gives us employees for special occasions. At one point, I had more than NT$10,000 worth of Sogo certificates.

Just didn’t know what to buy, so sue me! 🙁

But as I was walking by Nanjing East Road, my eyes caught on the bright red words…


No matter how un-demure or un-ladylike I can be at times, I couldn’t resist a great bargain!

My eyes fell upon this beautiful white coat… original price was NT$6,000+, and now, its price is down to just NT$2,290! ;-D

Of course, given such a bargain, I bought it… TA-DAAAA!!!
Okay, so it looks better in real life. My coats comprise of darker colors so having a white one is surely different. The fur is hai-hao but the fit is quite good, and I’m sure it’ll look stylish in a white or black cocktail dress.

Two months to use it before winter ends… but am sure there will be an opportunity to do so!

I was surprisingly, happy with my purchase. No wonder women love shopping, there’s a giddy feeling once you buy something that you like, and it’s been a while since I’ve really shopped.

Then, guess what? I went inside Mango because they have ANOTHER sale.

Mango clothes for me are so-so. Some of them are quite feminine, but most of them (or at least the designs in Taiwan) are just too expensive for me. But as my eyes fell on the mannequin, I saw a top I really really liked.

TA-DA again!
This top came in black, red and dark blue… but the white suits me best of all. It looks frumpy in the picture but it actually clings to the body. To give you an idea what it looks like when worn, the top is off-the-shoulder, sized XS and just reveals every single curve you have. I wore it with jeans and it looked terrific!

It’s true what they say, clothes really do make the (wo)man! And I felt great wearing it.

As I was ringing up my purchase, I was a bit worried about how to wash it, but heck, it’s not everyday you get to pamper yourself!

So yes, I’ve been bad…. but it feels GREAT! Can’t wait for the opportunity to dress up and look sexy!

Of course, this ain’t the end. Did a LOT more last weekend, but I’ll leave that for tomorrow. But to give you a clue, try to guess, what this is…

It’s big, green and looooong… ! 😀

Happy guessing!

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