Fun Christmas Weekend

It’s been a fairly quiet Christmas weekend for me.

With some guy friends, I watched the amazing “King Kong,” which was even better than the original (though I hated the ending), and the “Family Stone,” which was downright hilarious!

Warner was packed the entire Saturday and Sunday! We couldn’t even walk across the mall without bumping into people!

Can’t wait for “Chronicles of Narnia” and “Memoirs of a Geisha” to show!

Gosh, am such a movie buff!

I’m already planning who to see it with! I’m definitely not going to miss the latter, as it’s based from my favorite book! It would be nice to see how they interpret the story in film.


Of course, no weekend is complete without some partying!

Last Friday, there was thast Christmas dinner and exchange gift party that I organized and attended by at least 70 people.

Now, that was a mess! Sigh, but I came out alive and it was a very successful event!

I got an herb bathroom set, which I replaced with a nice backpack. So I’m happy. 🙂

As for Saturday, thanks to Mike’s invitation, I attended a Latino Christmas party, complete with authentic Costa Rican tamales dalloped in salsa (extremely good and fattening), tuna macaroni and loads of rum and coke and Costa Rican liquor!

Though almost everyone spoke in Spanish, I met a couple of interesting characters including Jose, a guy who’s taking up music technology in Taiwan. It was really cool. Using computers, he can manipulate music and create new sounds!

He even showed us his homework — a super-cool piece of techno-wonder made from a Japanese flute, but sounds like something that can be played at MoS. I was dumbfounded… he did that in just 3 hours?

I insisted he give me a copy of his work, to which he’s more than happy to do so. So I won’t be surprised if I see him soon! He’s pretty talented!

Afterwards, I joined some friends at the newly-opened sports bar at the Taipei Sports Arena. Owned by the same people who own Mint, the place wasn’t as packed due to the lack of publicity. But it was wild!

There were sexy dancers wearing super-short exercise shorts and dancing atop the bar. The bar also features 3-liter beer containers (similar to those of Dozos).

It was a really fun night, spending wads on cash on beer and drinking games. The most memorable was the game, “I’ve never…” where people who have done a lot of naughty/kinky stuff would drink shots.

Being relatively more innocent than my compadres, I kept myself sober and downed just a glass and a half. Hahaha!

Got home giddy and tipsy at 5AM, but it was really fun.

Never laughed so hard recently.

So it was truly a merry MERRY christmas with good friends.

Let’s just hope that the new-year’s celebration can top it! I’ve already gotten my first invite, so really looking forward to it!


Sunday, I dropped by the Grace Baptist Church for their special Christmas service.

Call me lazy, or guilty… but it’s been awhile since I’ve been to church.


Maybe next Sunday, I’ll go to church again. I was so affected last Sunday I was there.

Frankly, I felt like the prodigal daughter. 🙁


Yesterday, I had the holiday blues, which I alleviated by running some errands and some sweet pampering.

Here’s what I wrote yesterday:

“There are times when you feel so bad, and you know the reason why. And you also know that you shouldn’t feel bad, but you still feel it.

You know someone who loves and cares for you will never hurt you or make you cry. And since he does, you know he doesn’t deserve even the littlest of your love. But you still love him anyway.

Oftentimes, you hope he screws you up and hurt you so bad that you can get him out of your system because you’d say, ‘I can’t take it any more.’ And when he does, you still hang on and can’t let go.

Different person, same situation. Do I like to inflict pain to myself? When will I ever learn…?” 🙁

Okay, so it’s not as poetic as I hoped. But that’s how I feel doing cold turkey and feeling constantly disappointed. Serves me right for having high hopes for men.

Last year was the year of Michan (Ex #1).

2005 is the year of Ex#2.

Hence, it’s my personal resolve to move on and stop with all the wishy-washy bullsh*t come new year.

Wish me luck.

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