Test for Friendship

In an hour, I’ll be meeting my ex for brunch.

I’d like to see if I can be comfortable enough to interact with him in a casual basis. If I can’t, I’d like to request for him to stay away from me till I’ve moved on.

I’d like to see how much he’d want to be friends. “If he doesn’t make an effort,” Mike says, “then, he didn’t really want to be friends in the first place.”

Most guys just say the friendship line when breaking up, but they don’t really mean it. They merely disappear.

That’s why we’re meeting up. Since we’re part of the same organization, we’d have to see each other in a weekly basis, and I’d hate being awkward with him in the presence of my members. I’d rather not see him than be awkward.

What’s going to happen?

No idea. I’ll just keep you posted!

Time to take a shower and get ready for the encounter…

C’est La Vie!

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