Please respect my privacy

I had an interesting and painful weekend.

I don’t want to talk about it.

After talking about my problems whenever they pop up with everyone I know (I’m a Libran, remember?), for the first time in my life, I think I should deal this on my own…

Some things should never be spread out to other people, and I hope you respect my privacy by not asking what happened.

I’m trying to deal with this right now the best that I can, trying to be strong.

It’s HARD.

Usually, I have friends to lean on when things get tough. I have lots of stuff to do to keep me busy.

But this time, I’m just plain tired.

My boyfriend saw me yesterday and said, “This is the worst mood I’ve seen you in.”

He’s right.

But what does he want me to do?

Jump for joy, twirl around and be happy?!


Given the circumstances, allow me to grieve.


Hope I’m better tomorrow to give you exciting updates of my weekend. Aside from the pain that came along with it, it was truly a fun and interesting weekend.

Enjoy your week.

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6 thoughts on “Please respect my privacy

  1. it happens. and it will also come to pass. it’s better to deal with it NOW than prolong it.

    everything’s going to be fine in no time…=)

  2. R-glen, thanks for that. Unfortunately, I’m becoming a martyr now. I made the decision to bear and grin it, do nothing and enjoy the moment than deal with it. It hurts so badly you can hear my heart breaking, but for the moment, I have to deal with it this way. Maybe we just love to punish ourselves… 🙁

  3. You know what Rav, whenever I am like that, I TEND to cry my heart out, and bear the pain ALONE. It makes me strong knowing that I can handle the pain for the fact that I am succumbing myself into such state. And of course, there’s always God whom I can take refuge to.

    I’ve been there many times and I know I can take more when it comes. =) Charge it to experience.

  4. this too shall pass…

    what an an agenda to live another day, feel the morning breeze, see the sun shines, smile at the people you love.

    there’s always better days…cheers!

  5. well, everyone has got a story to tell or share. It’s not about whose better or worst. It’s about having someone there to listen to and share your thoughts/sorrows. Forget ’bout this weekend and move on. There will be better days.

  6. R-glen, am a typical Libran. I need to talk it out. That’s why it’s so atypical of me to just keep it inside me and not share it to everyone.

    HumbleWarrior, moving on cannot change what happened this weekend. Sometimes, you wish you didn’t know… at least, u can be fat, dumb and happy. Truth really hurts, and moving on doesn’t mean you’ll just forget what you already know.

    Mr. Pogi, thanks!

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