Blog infiltrated!

This blog’s been discovered by an ex-colleague.

Took me a while to guess who he is… and for the life of me though, how the heck did you know, *******?!

Then again, it’s my fault. Haven’t really been too careful in the office.

Anyway, he’s right — I have to be more than careful. You’ll never know who’ll get the chance to read my blog. And sometimes, what you write, which is merely an exaggerated expression of your thoughts, will definitely hurt people.

When you’re anonymous, you can be insensitive and not care about what you write. But once people know who you are, and guess who you’ve been talking about, you’re treading on dangerous territory.

No wonder he’s been giving me winks at the office. Ha! He knew I had a boyfriend all along (I’ve been denying this and keeping my relationship low key)!!!

Thanks for the warning, *******. I would appreciate though that you don’t tell the others anything — if in any case they still don’t know. Privacy is something that I do treasure. And though I’ll be more careful next time, I wouldn’t want to censor my words too much.

Anyway, this is embarrassing. But inevitable.

We live, we learn.

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2 thoughts on “Blog infiltrated!

  1. i can totally relate with being more cautious with every entry in your blog. as for my case, nakakahiya nga i even mentioned his name and i said i like him and he found out about my blog and read through it.

  2. Anonymous, haha, you’re right. That is quite awkward. How did you deal with it then? Were you still able to look at him in the eye?

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