"Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle"

One of the funniest movie EVER, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle is a freakishly funny movie guaranteed to have you rolling in your seats!

John Cho stars as Harold, a pussy-whipped Asian employee who is such a pushover when it comes to work, and harbors a secret crush on his sexy neighbor Maria, whom he usually bumps in an elevator. Kal Penn is Kumar, who is a talented Indian dude who has what it takes to study medicine, yet is most happy just having a stock of high-grade pot in his cabinet.

Roommates and best friends, Harold and Kumar spend Friday night smoking pot, only to go on a wild and hilarious adventure when they suddenly have a craving for some White Castle burgers. Crazy and funny incidences ensues when the two best friends encounter irony, circumstance, error, misunderstandings and misfortunes when they realize that even the simplest goals of satiating their appetites become impossible to achieve… only to discover much about themselves, and realize that life is about taking a stand and getting that burger.

Am pretty sure all of you are used to such slap-stick humor featured in this movie. You’ve seen it all before in movies such as “American Pie,” “Road Trip” and “Dude, Where’s My Car?” But for some reason, I and everyone who watched it with me still found the jokes pretty funny even after watching it the 2nd or nth time.

My gosh, my friend even confessed that he’s watched this film at least 10 times — and he still could keep on laughing!

My verdict?

I’m not sure if this movie has shown in the Philippines or in Taiwan, but if you can rent it from Blockbuster, DO IT!

Watch it with friends, your significant other, your family members or whoever, JUST WATCH IT! I guarantee you won’t regret watching this movie!

Note: I am not encouraging you guys to smoke pot. But it sure is a funny movie featuring two pot-heads!

Note 2: While watching the movie, we were all scratching our heads and asking ourselves if “White Castle” burger chain do actually exist. I’ve checked in the Internet, and yes, they do exist. They claim to be the first hamburger chain ever, and are first to sell a billion burgers ever. Believe it? That’s up to you!

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5 thoughts on “"Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle"

  1. Tetbautista, thanks! Have you watched this movie before? Is it available back home? My gosh, I thought it was funnier than “There’s Something About Mary!” But don’t know how available it is here or back home…

  2. It was shown here in the Philippines but i watched when I borrowed a bootleg dvd. The movie is funny and put up a lot about asian stereotypes in the US. Its hilarious. Totally a movie that doesn’t let you think. Anyway White Castle popularity outside the US is very slim so that viewers don’t exactly know if its real unlike if you use Mcdonalds, Burger King, or Wendys.

  3. i’ve watched this A year ago. and yup it’s hilarious. I would also suggest “VAN WILDER” . andun si kumar. 🙂

  4. Weird, didn’t know this movie existed before we watched it.

    At first, we were like, what the heck is this? Guess we got turned off by the long name. But glad we watched it, super funny!

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