Another typhoon holiday

It’s another typhoon holiday — the third one we’ve had this past couple of months. The wind is blowing hard, and it’s drizzling a wee bit of rain. And my umbrella broke quite a bit awhile ago.

I just came back from breakfast with my good ol’ pal Mike. McDonald’s so to speak, although to my extreme disappointment, they didn’t serve any of McDonald’s breakfasts.

*Insert sulky face here*

Anyway, he was in the area.

He promised his school sister that he’d help her do some chores. And stupidly, typhoon or not, he trudged all the way to Shida area just to meet up with her. And to his frustration, couldn’t reach her at all and had no idea what to do next.

So who does he call at freaking 9AM asking her out to dinner on a super windy typhoon holiday?

That’s right — me.

Are you freaking nuts?!!!” I practically screamed at him. “There’s debris flying around… I can hear my roof slamming up and down by the strength of the wind! What if our heads got chopped off by some debris?”

“Oh come on,” he begged. “Be spontaneous! Look, it’s not even raining outside! And you’ve gotta eat!!!”

Yeah, so I’ll venture out in a typhoon-stricken area so that I won’t starve. As if I don’t have bread lying around the house. I came prepared, you know.

How bad is the damage?” I asked.

Well, only two to three steel lamp posts had been knocked down… it ain’t that bad…

Sigh. Breakfast is breakfast. Besides, what’s the poor man to do out in the rain with no company. Hence, we had a quick breakfast at McDonald’s.

Almost freaked me out when we were walking there too.

Don’t worry,” consoles Michael. “I’m a pretty lucky guy. There has been a couple of close calls, but I haven’t died yet.

Great, that’s cause it’s the friends who are with you that die first.

Really, don’t worry,” he said. “I’ll shield you if anything came your way.

And at that same moment, a huge freaking sign blew past us, hitting a huge pole hard.

Great thing we were just a few feet away, otherwise our heads would’ve been chopped off and roll down the street.

My boyfriend will hunt you down!” I screamed. “He will know it’s YOUR fault that I’m dead!!!”

“Ha! How will he know?!” Mike screamed back. “I’ll run so far away no one can find me. Besides, how would he know I was with you at the time of your death?! What? You’ll use your tongue to write my name out in the street?”

Thanks Michael. You’re really my hero.


But seriously, the typhoon’s pretty strong. They said that it’s double the size of Taiwan!

Last night, I almost thought my roof would fly off!!! It was THAT strong. Really scary. And the worst thing is, you can’t really do anything about it except sit in your room and pray that the roof will hold.

I was so looking forward to this typhoon vacation. That means, I could watch some DVDs and get my translation work done (I’m now translating something from Chinese to English to Tagalog).

Actually, yesterday, the vacation’s already begun! I got to watch this so-so Chinese film called “About Love” which tells of three simple love stories set in Tokyo, Taipei and Shanghai. Nothing really much happens, just a couple of scenes, but it’s not that bad of a movie overall.

The second film was “Meet the Fockers” which wasn’t as funny as I’ve hoped. I guess, that’s what you get for expecting it to be such a funny film. The first one was indeed better.

That’s why I was so worried. It’s definitely no fun if your roof blew off and your stuff gets wet. That would be such a damper to your vacation.

Anyway, just wanted to blog a bit and tell you how I’m doing. Afterwards, my plan is to watch “Lemony Snickett’s A Series of Unfortunate Events,” starring Jim Carrey, and “Saved” with Macaulay Culkin and Mandy Moore.

On with the vacation!

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4 thoughts on “Another typhoon holiday

  1. You’re actually right to be worried about strong winds. True story: a second cousin of mine was INSIDE a jeepney at the height of a strong typhoon, and the wind knocked a “yero” off a roof and it flew INTO the jeep and sliced her neck!!! Sad but true 🙁

  2. Shoot Jaclyn! Gosh, did she live to tell the tale?! MY GOSH!!!

    Geez, then, I’d really better stay home… 🙁 Only strong winds now and no rain. Hope we take the day off tomorrow!

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