An embarrassing problem…

My heart constricts as I read an email.

No, it’s not from my parents this time, although that would create the same effect.

Instead, it’s an email from my boss.


The email was short: “Notice you have being coming late in the morning and as well as return from lunch break. Please try to follow the rule. Tks!

I’m in trouble.


It’s embarrassing.

Yes, my office is far, far away from downtown Taipei. Geez, it takes me 40 minutes at least to commute here. But still, it’s my fault that I’m late a lot. I knew when I accepted the job how far the office was… so it’s my responsibility to be on time.

*Hangs my head in shame* 🙁

It’s my entire fault, I admit it. Actually, morning’s never been the brightest spot of my day. For example, though I’ve always been a good girl, my mom’s greatest frustration with me is that I could sleep through anything. It would take her and my yaya hours to wake me up from my slumber every morning!

She’s resorted to shouting, tickling, pulling me from my bed and other assorted tricks.

In the end, she brings my dad in.

One booming shout from my dad, and I’m up and ready!

Of course, that’s always followed by another hour of sermon about sleeping early, blah blah blah… so my mom only brings out my dad as a worst-case scenario.

She loves the peace.


That’s why, even in Taiwan, I’ve been having trouble waking up!

And this is despite three alarm clocks! One of which is that with the irritating ringing sound!

If I wake up the first time, I’m on time.

But more often than not, I turn them off, say “five more minutes,” and return to my slumber…

When that happens, I’m dead.

Late again!

And because my office is so far away, it’s inevitable that “late” doesn’t just mean 5 minutes. It’s usually 20 to 40 minutes.

I could take the taxi which is faster. But a one-way ride takes NT$360 (almost Php 600!) because it’s so freaking far! So I’d usually wait for the bus instead which is only NT$30 (Php 40). The difference is just so significant.

I remember during my first week, I was late for the whole week! As a result, I spent most of my salary taking the taxi.

Geez, that almost cleaned out my fund. It came to a point when I almost wanted to quit because I couldn’t handle the taxi expenses.

Ooooh, am so embarrassed. But this has always been a problem of mine.

But hopefully, with my boss putting the fear of God in me… I can wake up earlier.

I may fail sometimes, but more or less, I can give more an effort to be on time!

Aaaaargh! Why can’t I just be a morning person?!

It would be ridiculous if I lost my job because of my being unpunctual.


Maybe I should find another job near downtown…


We didn’t have work yesterday.

Typhoon came straight to Taiwan, and the government was scared silly that they called off school and work. Funny thing was, it wasn’t that big — maybe around Signal #1 in Philippine standards.

Still, everyone enjoyed a day of rest!

I spent it with the guy am seeing. It was really nice.

We made brunch and ate it while watching TV. Afterwards, he napped on my lap while I finished reading “Tuesdays with Morrie.

Ahhhh… this is life. 🙂

Though it sounds pretty “tame,” things like these make life more relaxing and enjoyable. And it’s nice to relax while hearing the rain pitter patter on the windows.

Afterwards, we went to Mike L.’s place for a typhoon party! It was great.

Loads and loads of food!

Chicken… pasta… shepherd’s pie… brownies with milk… cookies… bread… YUMMY!

Party’s quite small, just seven of us. Funny thing was, I bumped into a guy who I went out once with.

He was steadily dating one of the women in the party.

Since he’s this surfer dude who hangs out with a different crowd, never really expected to see him there. Haha, it made me realize how Taiwan is really small.

Stay here long enough, and soon, everyone is related to everyone!

My guy, was even indirectly related to one of the girls in the party! Get this, his ex’s best friend’s little sister was there too. 🙂

Don’t take me wrong though, there’s no awkwardness in the party at all.

Just some series of nice surprises!

As the popular Disney song says, “It’s a small world after all!”

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