A Hiatus from Clubbing

My God.

I’m becoming more and more domesticated.

Ever since I’ve started dating this guy, I’ve seen my clubbing life decrease.

He’s been trying to keep his life “wholesome” you see… trying to get away from the wild, smoky club scene.

I used to go clubbing almost every weekend.

Roxy 99, Carnegie’s and MoS are just some of my fave nightspots.

Not anymore.

It’s been approximately three weeks since I’ve been clubbing.

But you know what?

I don’t really mind.

For one, cover charges are freakingly expensive!

Cover charges are at least NT$300 (at Roxy 99, this includes entrance and a drink) and can be as expensive as NT$700 (Plush and Room 18) to a thousand NT$ (Mint).

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

At the rate I’m going, I’d be bankrupt soon.

Secondly, for a non-smoker, smoke found in clubs are quite irritating.

I can no longer count the times when I’d go home smelling like smoke.


Thirdly, ever since I’ve gotten my iPod Shuffle, I don’t need to go to clubs to dance. All I do is downloaded those danceable songs (e.g., Mariah Carey’s ‘It’s Like That’ is a clear favorite) and bump and grind at the comfort of my room — with the volume turned way up.

Fourth, I usually go out with friends. That’s the reason why I go out clubbing anyway… to go dancing and go wild with friends.

Mary Anne is constantly exhausted and swamped with work. It’ll be months before she finds time to go dancing with us.

And Karen, my dancing buddy, is now busy tanning herself on the coasts of Greece and Morocco for a month-long vacation.

Sure, I could call up my wild guy friend Jason. But he’s only fun when he’s sober (which is unlikely when we go clubbing) and he gets awfully perverted when drunk.

I did go out dancing with the guy I’m dating once or twice.

But aside from his interesting company, I easily grew bored with shallow conversations and drinking games with people I don’t really know that well.

His friends especially like BBWs — Big Breasted Women.

*roll eyes*

And from my experience with them, I’ve discovered that the size of a woman’s breast is usually inversely proportional by the size of her brain.

If I hear them say, “Gan Bei” (cheers while downing the whole glass) and “Kawaii” (that means ‘cute’ in Japanese) one more time, I’d scream.

It’s also funny how women can look really hot in clubs… but look really ugly when in the light.

I guess, alcohol screws up your thinking faculties.

Take it from me, when I go to the bathroom, I usually see washed out women touching up their make-ups — not very attractive.

So no, I have better things to do than waste my time with people I won’t really hang around with after the sun comes up.

And lastly, what for?

I’m not there to pick up men.

The guys that I’ve met at a bar… Lord help me since they were all “Mikes”… were practically guys looking for the next conquest (Tom Cruise-Mike is one) or those who are leaving (Mike-Vibe is another!).

Not relationship material.

Not at all.

So yes, am taking a break from clubbing.

Instead of going clubbing, past weekends have included watching movies, having tea, watching videos or just hanging out with close friends…

Which, I’d have to mention, is equally enjoyable and satisfying as clubbing.

How long can I keep this “break?”

Hmmm… we’ll just see.


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