One way NOT to impress me…


Not another one!


Another still-attached guy expressing his interest! 🙁

Why are all my men either 1) moving away, or 2) attached?!

I totally hate it when a guy who is either married, or in a relationship (long-term or otherwise) expresses his interest in me!

That’s kinda bad taste, isn’t it?

I’ve always believed in the Golden Rule when dealing with people — do unto others what you would have them do unto you.

I personally don’t believe in cheating on your mate. If they could do it with you, what would stop them from doing it to you when the time came…?

The old adage is true, if he/she cheated with you, he’ll/she’ll cheat on you.

Guys without integrity rate low in my scale.

Nothing turns me off than a guy who flirts or indicates his interest, and he has a girlfriend or wife waiting somewhere at home.

Gee… I really feel sorry for the girl.

You really don’t deserve her, you know…

Sure, sure, sure… your current relationship’s now in the dumps. You’re thinking of breaking it off. But please, if you’re having a problem with your girlfriend, deal with it. If you can’t, be a man and break it off!


Don’t try to take the safety net of exploring your options BEFORE breaking it off with your girlfriend. That’s just… one of the most selfish things to do!

And what do you take me for? Your rebound/transitional woman?!

No way.

I’m no relationship-wrecker. Puh-lease. What do you take me for?!

And you’re not scoring any points by flirting with me when I know you’re attached. In fact, that puts you on the list of “guys I will never date.”

But remember, if you break it off, don’t do it because of me. I’ve never promised you anything… if we do start dating, we start clean. But no expectations.

That is, if I do decide to “date” you.

You haven’t really scored any brownie points by being interested in me — and showing it — while still being with your girlfriend…

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4 thoughts on “One way NOT to impress me…

  1. Hell. What else is new?

    *sigh* Men. Can’t live without ’em. Can’t kill ’em.


  2. im a total magnet of these kind of men. ayoko na ng may sabit! puhlease.

    maybe we can invent a detector that can sniff attached men who are gonna make the move on you from 10 feet away? maybe we’ll even get rich from this invention haha…

  3. I know! What’s it with these attached guys?! Can’t they feel satisfied with their current significant others? Why do they have to go against their partner’s back?! This is atrocious…!

    Sigh… where are all the nice men? 🙁

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