An important phone call…

Yesterday, I just received an important call that may seem meaningless at first, but can change my life dramatically. The person who called me asked me to take over a great responsibility. Surprised and humbled, I accepted.

I tried to sound normal over the phone, and talked about other issues, but I was as nervous as hell! Should I laugh, or shout, or sing, or cry?! In this memorable occasion, what sort of reaction is “proper?”

I was happy, but also so scared. Can I really handle this?

However, according to this man, he’s already asked a couple of people, and they have all supported that decision. It is truly humbling to see so many people backing him up on this. Their confidence in my abilities humbles me, and empowers me at the same time.

I don’t want to let them down. I don’t want to let anybody in my organization down.

We finished the call. I put down the phone.

After 5 minutes, as it dawned to me what sort of responsibilities I will be carrying on my shoulders, I STARTED TO FREAK OUT!!!


I called up a close friend of mine, and ranted and raved! I was no longer this image of calmess… my nerves were frayed, and I was truly scared. Didn’t help too that he was initially scared for the organization as well!

But I calmed down after a while. Talking always does that to me. If I keep it inside, I’d go crazy! But if I talk about it, all the emotions come out and I feel better afterwards.


Sometimes, life throws certain things in your lap. They’re called “opportunities.” Now, you have a choice. Either you dwell on it, think about it, take your time… and sometimes, those opportunities simply go away. Too bad. Or, you can just grab it as it comes.

I grabbed it.

Opportunities like these do not come everyday. And even though I’m not yet sure of the broadness of what I just got myself into, I know I’ll do my damn best to do it right.

Admittedly, a part of me had wanted such responsibility. It seems to be in my blood. I have lead before, and I am itching for the opportunity to lead again. It worries me though; because I am merely 24, while the median age for the members is between 28 to 35. I’ll be the youngest leader of the bunch, ever. But if people are confident in my abilities, I should be too.

So I accepted.

I knew, if I didn’t, I’d regret it for the rest of my life. Even though I freaked out after accepting, I know in my heart that I can do it. I’ve done it before, and I can do it again! All I need is to pour my heart and soul into this, and things usually work out.

Besides, what else do I need? I have competent people leading with me and a great organization with immense potential!

My friends are happy for me. They also have the confidence that I am perfect for the job. I do hope they are right. A lot of people are counting on me…

C’est La Vie!

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  1. Have you been lined up to succeed Kofi Annan at the UN?
    What is this ‘oh so important’ organization you talk about.
    You are such a drama queen!

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