Opposites attract? NOT!

Compatibility is very important in any relationship. I’ve learned that now, even if I’ve learned it the hard way. I tried to make a relationship work with a guy who was culturally (traditional Japanese), mentally (no university degree) and emotionally (a bit repressed and careful with his feelings) different from me. And you know what happened there…

We were just too different, I suppose.

I liked making and meeting new friends, he was just happy not meeting anyone new (for him, it was a waste of time). I was very sociable who loved to party, while he was content in watching TV or playing video games. I was interested in intellectual conversations that were filled with politics, economics, and philosophy. He just wanted to talk about day-to-day activities and sports.

Our opposite personalities may have initially captured our mutual attraction. But unfortunately, for a genuine relationship to be successful, there must be enough similarities and shared interest for the relationship to develop.

And that’s why, I won’t date a local Chinese.

Nor will I date an American (my previous experiences with both Mikes has shown me that Americans and I cannot really match well together).

So who will I consider dating?

Here’s the best way to describe me…

I am too saintly for the sinners… and too sinful for the saintly.

I am too Eastern for the Western… and too Western for the Eastern.

I am too conservative for the liberals… and too liberal for the conservatives.

Is there anyone like me? Simply said, if you can find anyone who is your equal, who is similar to you, date him! If you can find someone who is…

Not too saintly nor too sinful…

Not too Eastern… nor Western…

Not too conservative… nor too liberal…

If you meet anyone like that, introduce him to me!!! I’d like to date him!

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2 thoughts on “Opposites attract? NOT!

  1. Doesn’t matter what race he’s coming from… Filipino, Japanese, American… as long as he’s a balance (not too extreme), it’s cool with me.

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