Some updates…

Went out with a really nice guy last night. Had a lot of fun just talking, until it was 2AM.

It’s been awhile since I’ve found someone who I can connect to in so many levels.

And he is a person I can connect with very well.

With this friend of mine, we can just talk for hours about anything and everything! No pretenses, just great conversation. Time just flew by so fast!

Very nice guy too. I think we share a lot of values and are compatible in so many levels.

Don’t jump your guns though. This friend and I are so far, just that — friends. I don’t think he is looking for a relationship right now. And I don’t want to assume anything else.

Assuming often gets you to trouble.

I’d just be myself, and what will be, will be…

If in spending time with me, he discovers I’m pretty special, that’s great. I personally think I’m a catch! Haha!

But if not, that’s good too. I’d be equally happy to have found another good friend in Taiwan.

Good friends are really hard to find, you know.

So we’ll see. Time will tell.

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4 thoughts on “Some updates…

  1. hey! you write so well, and with substance! haha. I’ve been reading this blog for quite some time now and I really am enjoying. Keep it up! you’re my idol! haha. 😀 it’s nice that you’ve got to update almost everyday, i always have something to read on. 😀

  2. Hey thanks Audrey for the compliment. I admit, blogging is very addictive. But people like you help me come up with good things every day! Thanks!!!

  3. Raven, you sound like a tease to me.
    You say you don’t like Taiwanese guys, so why do you stick around in Taiwan? They are nice guys, give them a try!!

  4. Hi Hazel, I’d give Taiwanese men a try except they’re too shy for me! I still believe men should make the first move, but from my experience, most men are scared to talk to me. I’m sure there are nice men in Taiwan, but they’d have to make the move first.

    I am in Taiwan to work. I like Taiwanese men, but I do realize that there will be some cultural issues we’d have to face when I do hook up with a Taiwanese man. Not that I won’t be willing to face it, but it won’t be easy as going out with someone who share similar cultures.

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