Male Competition

Written on May 24, 2008 from the Raven Archives:

Last night, I bumped into a guy friend of mine at Barcode.

He is one of my best female friend’s colleague, and an expat here in Taipei.

We met around a month ago at another friend’s opening night, played darts and proceeded at every Taipei youngin’s default hangout, Barcode.

Subsequently, his long-time friend and colleague with whom I had a crush on for a while (so sexy le, so can you really blame me?), tried to pick me up by buying me a NT$300 Mojito and then dragging me away to his house.

You see, I seem to have that effect in men.

They meet me, try to get me drunk, and then try to get me home for a night of passion.

It’s seems to be a talent of mine.

Only clincher is they never succeed. Anywho…

Long story short, his colleague didn’t really get to sleep with me and I left him with his tail between his legs. You see, I am NOT an easy woman. My parents have brainwashed me with old-fashioned values, and no, though I do not consider myself a prude, I abhor “Wham, BAM, Thank you Ma’am!” type of nocturnal experiences, and pride myself in not having a one-night stand ever.

I’ve tried to make amends to no avail.

Seems that once you’ve declined a guy’s advances, you are a black sheep for life and there’s no way in hell that he’ll go out with you again just to get to know you better.

Makes me think that a guy asks you out only to sleep with you, and if he finds out that he’d have to work harder to get the same benefit, then no thank you.

Anyway, back to last night’s guy at Barcode. For some reason, I find myself digressing…

He was shit drunk, and was slurring his words. However, seems that’s how people have good times here — they needed to be drunk in order to feel happy.

“Why do women always ask about J?” he bemoaned when I asked him how he was. “What’s so great about J?!”

J btw is his colleague and the guy who tried to sleep with me.

Sexy beast I must admit, though wished he wasn’t too much of an ass to expect that every woman would be flatered by his invite.

“I didn’t ask you about him!” I screamed amidst the loud noise at Barcode. “I wanted to see how you were doing!”

It seems as the conversation proceeded that J was every girl’s delight — and this guy’s sensitive spot.

You see, they were friends even before both moved to Taiwan, and used to party as well in their own home country.

Life must be a pain for J’s guy friends who get to party with him, and yet not get to bang the hottest girl there is, just because J has already taken first dibs.

Ah, such is the pain of male competition. You’re buddies, and yet, they’re a pain in the arse if they get the girls you’re interested in.

And of course, who wants second dibs on a woman, unless she’s a whore? Life sucks, ain’t it?

I mean, I wouldn’t want to date any of my female friends’ exes. Not only are they exes for a reason, but eeew.

I feel bad for this friend. I really do.

By himself, he is dashing, well-educated and can charm the socks off any woman.

He is a catch.

But next to J, he feels so fugly.

J looks like Gerard Butler and is as manly as the half-naked men from the movie 300.

Admittedly, I am an idiot for not doing anything that evening, and yet, what can I say? Am not that type of woman and couldn’t have done it no matter how much I wanted to.

Anyway, it reminds me that there are competition between people of similar genders.

Back in high school, my best friend was the school’s crush ng bayan (the hottest babe in campus).

She had the beauty, brains and charm to make any normal man salivate and yearn her.

Sure, I loved her to death but may I say, I was also jealous of her popularity and her ability to make guys want her.

I’ve been there — I can relate.

And the experience sucks that no matter how good you are, your friend is even better than you.

It’s a painful lesson to learn.

We’re no longer that much of a best friend as am in Taiwan while she’s in a different country, but even while in Taipei, I am quite conscious of the company I keep.

Sure, I like hanging out with physically attractive friends as there’s a different effect when a bunch of hot women enter and play the room, and yet, I am also careful of not hanging out too much with these beauties.

Even with my friends, we usually attract different types of guys.

Cassie would usually attract ecletic ones, usually French, and usually from out of town.

Fifi would attract the Taiwanese engineers who found her to be one of the most interesting women they’ve ever met. And for that, I agree.

May is married, and undeservingly so. But still, she attracts guys who find her warmth and innocence refreshing, and lovely to have someone who uses the cells between her head.

While I, usually attract those well-to-do handsome men who simply oozes confidence, and yet, for some reason, want to sleep with me by the first and second date. My friend blames it on my look which he says can give guys signals that I can tire them out.

Whatever man.

Anyway, this useless post is to say that competition does exist.

And for goodness sakes, I don’t know why this friend I bumped into last night at Barcode still hangs out with J, who makes him look bad. I’d rather walk on a different beat and distance myself from those way way more physically attractive than I am, as they make me look pale by comparison.

Don’t get me wrong, hanging out with these gifts from Heaven is great, and I do that sometimes.

But all the time?

Nah, no thank you.

Anyway, feel like shit today.

Slept really late this morning after partying it up at Barcode and 18 for a friend’s farewell party.

Slept at 5am, and woke up at freaking 4am after my friend wake-up called me for a 4pm ice cream appointment at Warner.

Long story short, I was super duper late (what can you say? I just woke up) so we just rescheduled.

He’s pissed, I feel bad.

Shoot, life is just great.

Anyway, yesterday was fun, and will post again once am fully-recovered.

Live life, dream big, and heck, it’s Saturday night, so what are you doing at home reading this useless blog?

Go out and party y’ all!

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2 thoughts on “Male Competition

  1. as much as i wanted to go out, i couldnt. i’ve been sick/feverish for 5 days now. good thing, some people are out of taipei so i didnt feel bad on missing the party.

    when did you study in mtc-shida? what courses did you take?

    do you still go to roxy99 on wed nights?

  2. Poor you. Hope you get well soon! No matter, parties go on with or without us. Once you’re all better, trust me, you can go and party and it’s as if you never lfet.

    Studied at Shida a few years ago. I took Book I, II, III, Newspaper reading and radio play. Quite a lot actually, with not much to show off for it. And nope, don’t do Ladies Nights no longer. Am working and have a curfew! 🙂

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