Surprise, surprise…!

Yesterday, I did all I can to avoid Barcode, everybody’s perennial hang-out place because I wanted to avoid “him” to which we have yet to call by any name save for M.

For one, he has already extended an invitation last Friday night so I knew he was going to be there, and two, I was too embarrassed to face him after the debacle of last night.

Hence, I suited up and tried to be charming for the evening. By golly, if I feel like crap, at least I’d like to feel like good crap!!! There’s nothing that feels better for the short-term than looking good to compensate for what was a previous disastrous evening.

When some women feel awful, they stay home and cry. When I feel awful, I want to get rid of the crap behind, toss some dancing shoes and try to dance the night away in the company of extremely cool friends.

So I made some last minute plans with friends — dinner first at YongKang street, comedy show first as my friend is one of the performers and then a series of bar hopping all around the greater Taipei area.

Dinner at Sababa Yong Kang went pretty well. I’ve always liked their ambiance with those mosaic tables and candlelights, though I thought that waiting almost an hour for food yesterday was ridiculous! It was a busy night, but gawd, the service was so slow! Great thing, the servers were smiling, otherwise, we would’ve just walked out.

The Comedy Show was a blast!

There featured the Taichung Improv Group which featured a hilarious rendition of how to act like polar penguins. Personally felt that the group itself which includes Kurt Penny, Tom Levine, Mark, Matt Bronsil among others, has been improving all these months and the entire act flowed seamlessly together and each got its own round of applause.

Afterwards, we went to Bliss for some idiotech fun! Unfortunately, it wasn’t really our scene as there were too many foreigners around, so we moved on to our next scene. I was suited up and ready to party so by gone, we’re going to have fun!

We couldn’t really decide on whether to go to Roxy 99, Red Carpet (some of my friends’ friends were there) or Carnegie’s, but I’d rather go for a done deal, so we headed over to Carnegies for some dancing and boogying!

Despite other people who thinks it’s a meat market, personally find that most of the time I go to Carnegies, I have TONS of fun! The environment there is just so fun-inducing with so many old men and sexy young women dancing atop the bar in a shore of people! I like the music and can dance for hours and hours. And for the record, have yet to be picked up at Carnegies so there! πŸ™‚

So who did I meet after a few hours of oh-so-fun dancing?

M. πŸ™

What are you doing here?” I smiled in surprise as I saw him. Gave him a big hug just for the heck of it, both pleasantly/awfully surprised.

No, what are you doing here?” he asked. “Are you following me?” πŸ™‚

“Hahaha, I was here first,”I said. “If anything, I would think you’re stalking me…” πŸ™‚

All these were in a guise of smiles and laughter so it looked less scarier than it sounded. (*$#*#(#@(#@@(*#&@#! You go around Taipei trying to avoid him, and BAM! He’s at Carnegies! What the heck?!

In general, it was a good encounter. I looked hot, it was my area, and yes, was having fun. Hopefully, that is what makes women attractive. πŸ™‚

I may also be overthinking this, but Barcode is his hood as he’s always there, while Carnegies is my preferred hood of choice (out of Room 18 and the other dance clubs) so what’s the coincidence?

Seriously though, it must be coincidence, and wouldn’t go far to say it’s fate la. But argh, you try to avoid him and then you see his sexy self bumping into you to say hi!

Lesson of the day: If you’re sad, dress as hot as you can and have fun. You’d just never know who you’d bump into. At the very least, I thought I looked good so it wasn’t as embarrassing an encounter as it should have been. There’s nothing better than looking well made up and meeting a guy you like!

So as I know he’s already in the premise and wouldn’t want to get tempted again, I told my friend after a few more songs that I was ready to leave. It was already 2:45 am anyway, and it was time. We then headed over for a quick bite at Tong Hua Street then went home.

Life is funny, ain’t it? When you have lemonades, then by gone, enjoy it while you can!

I did — had a blast last night thanks to my friends and a wide array of parties. Sure, I didn’t really get the guy so to speak and am slightly disappointed, but hey, given my luck lately, who knows? There should be other chances… and if there’s anything I learned in Taiwan is that, things always work well in the end.

Till then, I ready myself into thinking, Yes, I choose him. At least, now I know.

Happy week everyone! Hope you all had a fun weekend too!

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  1. Glad you liked the comedy show. Hope you can keep making it out to support Taiwan comedy.

    Matt Bronsil

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