Confidence Comes From Within


It is ideal that we want a boss should motivate and empower us to do our best work. That we expect that a manager gently guide us with our job, talk to us in a calm voice and explain and just let us do our thing even if they haven’t worked with us yet because they trust us.

That’s the ideal.

The real world is being assigned a boss upon onboarding and being surprised that a boss is NOT THE SAME as our ideals.

The natural reaction then is to be stressed about it. Complain and rant. Run to HR if you want. Sounds good right? But all the sticks and stones will not break the bones or change your situation. What’s more, complainers don’t usually do well kasi in corporate. Once you have a reputation of running to HR for every work stress, people will think you’re incompetent.

The choice is easy then —-

  1. Either ask to be reassigned to another boss, and quit if they refuse for your mental health and well being, or
  2. Actually be the leader they hired, and prove to the boss that you are more than capable to reach their standards and be on par with them.

Take back that self confidence. Kasi when we get overwhelmed at work, we lose our voice. Lalo na if you’re in a leadership role, this looks weak and usually unacceptable. How can you lead if you don’t have confidence?

It’s sink or swim. They hired you because you can do the job. Now show them you can.

Try to get your confidence at the fastest possible time so you can kick ass, or quit if it’s too hot to handle.

I remembered during my first months in Hong Kong, it was very stressful for me too. For the first time, I had hairfall from work stress!

Complaining to HR was not an option – I was hired for a job and was expected to deliver. Was it their problem that I was overwhelmed with my work?

So I fought, and worked and adjusted. It was really tough but in the end of the day, I delivered and made everyone happy. They promoted me at the end of the year.

You can do it too.

Papatalo ka sa boss or sa trabaho mo? Or lalaban ka to prove you’re the right hire for the job?

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