A long lost friend of my husband during his tarantado days popped up in conversation yesterday.

My husband wanted his help to remove a virus from his company computer, and touched base with this long lost friend, AP. Apparently, they were to meet for after-dinner drinks as AP was in Trinoma and we were in Ortigas Center.


Since it’s been years when they last saw each other, my husband couldn’t hide his excitement. He remembers AP fondly during his bachelor days, and AP despite not having the looks, managed to bag the prettiest ladies around with his crass ways.

Shall I also meet AP tonight?” I chided him. “I would really love to meet this guy who bagged two models in one evening.” 

My husband refused to have me meet his friend. It was a part of him that he wanted to keep private and I respected that.

8pm rolled up… then 9pm… then 10pm…. and still no call from AP.

At 11pm, my husband changed into his pajamas and went to bed early. As his wife, I could not help but feel bad for him.

I think we give our friends too much credit.

We remember too much of the good times of the past, so much so that we refuse to believe that they will disappoint us. We only remember the good times. And we need to constantly remind ourselves that over and over again, the friends we call friends, will eventually disappoint us.

Today is May 2, and the start of the new month.

An employee of ours once again went AWOL.

When I texted her, she said, “Nobody will take care of my kids.” as if that was not discussed when I interviewed and oriented her. I had made clear to her from the very beginning that reliability in attendance is critical in this job role.

This is one bad thing in managing businesses in the Philippines. Many in the labor pool are unprofessional, and don’t mind not coming to work because they felt like this.

It is in days like these that I am discouraged from managing a business in the Philippines. People seem ungrateful and don’t take their work seriously.

I hope that things will turn out well soon.

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