Free Soup?

What do you do if the restaurant neglected to charge you for one of your orders?

Hubby and I had lunch today and ordered a pumpkin soup and a chicken kebab.

The meal was delicious. And we enjoyed our lunch date time together.

When the bill came, we were charged for the kebab but not the soup. For a split second, I thought to myself, Free Soup!

But there’s nothing free in this world. That’s why lottery winners end up as paupers later on.

Anything you take will be given back to you.

Miss, I’m sorry. But your bill doesn’t include the soup we need ordered,” I said.

Oh, I’m so sorry!” She exclaimed as she rushed to change the bill.

This was our new bill — a difference of around php215.

Php215 is a small price to pay to keep your integrity intact.

If you ordered it, you should pay it. It’s not free unless you are told explicitly that it’s free.

Besides, as a mother, how can you teach your kid honesty if you don’t model it in every decision?

Even if it’s as mundane as a missed charge in a receipt.

There’s two kinds of people:

One, he thinks the waitress is a sucker for not charging him the soup. “Aha! Stupidity should not be rewarded,” he’d say as he will get his receipt and go his merry way.

Then he will tell everyone how he got the free soup.

The second will correct the waiter and pay the right amount.

Because it’s simply the right thing to do.

Happy Sunday!

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