I want a Rolex but Buy a Timex

Big sale in SM Mall of Asia

I bought this classic Timex watch during the big SM sale. It cost me less than php 1,740.00 (USD 30) at 50% off.

The watch on my wishlist is a Rolex.

But at a price of at least USD 4,000 a piece, it seems impractical to purchase something that would still tell the same time.

So I buy the Timex.

In times like these, best to be practical. Anyway, a Rolex is a treat. A treat can wait.

Work and success first, then treat.

My best friend tells me to purchase a Panerei.

Bonita, the gold one costs two mill but they will release a stainless one that will only cost half a million,” she said.

In my head, I know of Cartier, IWC, Patek Philippe, Rolex, but this is the first time I’ve heard of Panerei.

Apparently, that’s important in the world of watches, which shows there’s still more I should learn in how to be a dona.

Let me stick to my Timex for now. Presently, I don’t think I have ₱500,000+ to spare for a watch.

There will be times for higher priced ticket purchases.

It’s just not today.

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