Three Bad Lucks

This week, we experienced three unfortunate events:

At the beginning of the week, two of our staff went AWOL (Absence without Leave).

Both were earning a good sum of money. However, one demanded she be transferred to a store of her choice. The other went drinking and cavorting with her friends and didn’t report to work. Both went AWOL the day after they received their payroll.

That same day, our new Yaya went crazy.

Apparently her Egyptian boyfriend was in town and demanded he see her. Without informing us, she went straight to the agency claiming exhaustion, alleged abuse and that our daughter was hard to take care of.

Please note she never complained the entire 39 days she was with us. She even repeated many times just how lucky she was to be with us since we were mabait (nice), the workload was light, and our child was malambing (sweet).

She even claimed her chest was tightening.

When I wanted to bring her to the hospital, she refused. She told my staff that in case she was actually ok, she might be liable for false claiming bad health.

She later recanted all her claims of abuse, saying that she only said that because she needed to leave that same evening. Liar!

Two days before, someone pickpocketed my iPhone 7 from my bag.

I was walking from the store to the restaurant in the mall. When I sat down, my phone was missing. When we called, the phone was turned off, proving that someone stole it.

I spent two hours in line yesterday getting a sim replacement. I borrowed a phone from the office. I was supposed to sign a contract but couldn’t find their number anymore.

So someone didn’t just steal my phone. They cost me money and time. I also have to figure out if all the photos were backed up.

It’s disheartening when bad things happen.

I didn’t care too much about the two staff member leaving but I was honestly depressed when old Yaya told lies and . tried to destroy my family’s reputation

My husband bought me chicken nuggets just to cheer me up. They are soft and delicious while hot:

Everything all ended well. Our stores survived a week and actually, it’s good that these two troublemakers left us.

Our agency replaced old Yaya with a new one and she seems nicer than the last. Our daughter nonchalantly introduced her as New Yaya to the janitors of our building.

I don’t know what good is there about the phone. But my mom said, “It’s good it’s your phone and not something else.”

In the Chinese, sometimes got takes something away in place of something even more valuable. I am still lucky that only phone got stolen. At least my husband, child and business health is still okay.

It has been an eventful week. But many weeks are so. Such is life.

Hope you all are doing better! How about you? How are you doing?

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