August was a bad month for us…

My friend Carol posted the following on her Facebook page:


Read Psalm 102:1-11

One day I phoned a friend of mine who is in the ministry and asked, “How’s it going?” His quiet reply was, “Well, I’m having one of those days.” The next time you’re having one of those days when everything seems to be going wrong–your plans are falling apart, you don’t feel well, there are problems and burdens, and it seems as if all of the forces of the enemy are against you–read this psalm. “Hear my prayer, O Lord, and let my cry come to You. Do not hide Your face from me in the day of my trouble” (vv. 1,2). What kind of a day was the psalmist having? A day of trouble. In fact, he compares himself to a lonely bird. “I am like a pelican of the wilderness; I am like an owl of the desert…. I am like a sparrow alone upon the housetop” (vv. 6,7). That’s the way he feels–like a bird alone on a housetop. He wants to go into the house and enjoy some fellowship, but he’s alone.

The psalmist’s enemies were reproaching him (v. 8). But in a day of trouble and reproach, he says, “I’m going to change this by the grace of God.” And it becomes a day of prayer. He tells God how he feels and what he sees. He cries out, “God, You are the only one who can change things.” God can change things for you also. He may not change the circumstances on the outside, but He does change your feelings on the inside. Then the day of trouble becomes a day of triumph.

* * *
Everyone has days of trouble. When circumstances entrap you and trouble closes around you, pray to the Lord. He knows how to turn your trouble into triumph. Although He may not answer your prayers the way you expect, He will do what is best for you and for His glory.

The above was quite apt for the occasion.

August was a bad sales month for us. After doing so well this 2016, sales dropped 15%. My supervisors blamed it on the rainy season and “Ghost month.”  In their defense, it DID rain hard a few days last month.

But paranoid me wonders if our business is loosing its juice especially in light of new competitors popping up every month, harshly cutting their prices as if there’s no tomorrow.

In one of the malls, one competitor even slashed their prices to Php 200 per item. Honestly, it’s less than the cost of some of our items. I really wonder where they get their items given that you always get what you pay for.

Family-wise, our yaya left us. This type of news is bad for any household. Thank goodness we were able to find a replacement the same day!

Our baby is thankfully healthy and is now at 10 kilos at 8 months plus! This, despite not breastfeeding and eating often. She has been spared from bumps and bruises given that she adjusts and becomes more careful the more she falls.

But yes, I worry about my business.

I worry that the lowdown is permanent and we cannot get our ass off the ground. Sometimes, I look at my sales and wonder, “Where the heck do we get our sales from?!” 

This is followed by a simple word of prayer thanking God for His blessings. Honesty, if not for him, I don’t know where our sales come from. It’s a lot more than I, or anyone, expects.

As I pay my bills, I worry.

I look at my passbook and calculate my cash, and I worry.

I worry about the huge rent I have to pay every 15th of the month. This fixed overhead drives me nuts, and I worry I don’t have enough sales to cover it.

I worry when I have to borrow money from our personal account just to meet the payroll. I did this yesterday and it’s uncomfortable. I know I can pay it back this Friday when more money comes in, but still, I would prefer more of a buffer.

I look at the Philippines’ ultra-rich and I wonder if they worried like I do right now.

I look at my August sales and I bemoan that I didn’t make enough to buy more inventory. I have to get the money somewhere, and I am looking at where to get it.

I try not to worry, but it’s hard.

So to anyone who wants to go into business, know that you too will worry. You worry about your sales, your overhead, and the many people whose families depend on you.

You do this all the time!” my husband chides me. “Every beginning of the month, you worry!”

It’s true. I worry about money all the time, while my husband peacefully looks at me and trusts that I have everything handled.

But I know I have to trust. Trust in God that He will make everything right.

It’s now the Ber months. I hope He is right.

Have a great week everyone!

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