Who said women were practical?

Hon, I want to buy a cashmere scarf,” I cooed to my husband after joining my friend RBF to a high-class party.

Okay, how much is the scarf?” asked husband.

Oh, it’s cheap,” I said. “It used to be Php 58,000 but since the Euro depreciated, the price is now at a more affordable Php 50,000 (USD1,250).”


“Php 50,000 for a freaking scarf?!” half-yelled Hubby. “You gotta be kidding me!!!”

“I can get it from my own money,” I reminded him. “You know I have savings from before we were married.”

Poor hubby.

I know he wants to please me. One thing great about my husband is that he always wants to make me happy. But I also know he thinks spending that much money on a cashmere scarf is ridiculous. There is no other explanation for it — I want it, and then I want to buy it.

It’s the same as my former bag addiction.

But with Baby Pea on the way, he knows we need to start becoming more practical. A normal delivery costs Php 100,000 in a nice hospital; Double that amount for a Caesarean.

I think when people get married, there has to be some compromise. It cannot be just about me, me me. Honestly, that blue, pink and purple scarf is more of a want, than a need.

Sigh, women have many wants. Whereas men want to style up their car, women desire to carry the next best IT bag.

At least, I don’t want a crocodile Hermes bag,” I consoled him.

How much is that bag?” he asked.

According to RBF, a croco bag will cost you Php 1.8-2.2 million,” I answered. “I will not buy that expensive a bag even if I have a millions.”

Husband almost went bananas. “A Montero Sport will only cost you Php 1.6 million! Why would you spend more than that on a stupid bag?!”

“No no no, I don’t want an Hermes bag,” I said. “I would like to buy the more affordable Hermes cashmere shawl.”

In the end, I know husband is right. Affordable is one thing, practical is another. I thought I would find a supportive friend from my mother, but alas, she shared the same idea with husband.

Bonita, it is really silly to spend that much money on the scarf,” she advised. “Plus, the Philippines is a hot country. When will you wear that scarf aside from the times we go out for movies? You don’t go to flashy socialite events anyway…”

What’s more, she warned me not only of the impracticalities of buying a pricey scarf, but she also shared with me the kind of wrong impression I would give my in-laws.

How can they entrust anything to you if their daughter in law seems like the type who spends money like water?” she added. “It’s good to spend on nice things, but you are still too young for it. You guys are still catching up and building your business. You should focus on adding the revenue instead of the expense.”

Big sigh again. They are both right. So with that, I hang my cashmere shawl idea to the wall.

Husband and I eat at the SM Food Court yesterday. Our total meal was Php 250.00. In the evening, we splurged on some cheap crepes at Café Breton. The price is nowhere the price of the Hermes scarf.

And so is our life — we are not rich people by any means. And yes, we have silly wants to just like the Hermes cashmere shawl I wanted. But joy comes in packages that don’t need to be very expensive. Peace comes in knowing you already have everything you need, and the ambition that you are always working towards something you want.

Have a great week ahead everyone!

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