World War IV

My brother and I aren’t doing well.

We just came off from a testy episode where my brother already cursed me to the noon, with the exception of “SOB” since that would mean cursing his/our own mother.

As you can imagine, we are not yet in speaking terms.

I really don’t understand him. Over the last few weeks and months, he had been very paranoid, overly sensitive and quick to anger. Despite no concrete actions to prove his paranoia, my little brother thinks that my Boyfriend is out to get his business since they’re both in the same industry (although they do sell widely different products),

In the end, it was actually my brother who tried to import the same products as my Boyfriend is selling, and launching it to the local end-market.

This is kind of sad — he has crossed a business ethics line, choosing out of all the products out there, to compete head-on with my Boyfriend with a product that Boyfriend himself has launched in the Philippines. He did this almost 10 months after my Boyfriend launched his.

It’s always sad when siblings argue and fight. More so because when you were little, things used to be so untouched and innocent. Now, there’s a lot of hurt and cracks. Sometimes, I don’t even know how to solve it anymore.

What’s worse, I think my brother has it all wrong.

For one, Boyfriend is not out to get him. He thinks that my brother’s business model is widely different from his, and he despises the hassle of collecting from dealers. It’s also not very ethical, and I would break up with my Boyfriend if I ever found out he was doing something as despicable as this.

Two, despite all the pain he has put me through, I still do love my brother. There’s only the two of us, and I hate fighting. I think that despite harsh words, we can still kiss and make up.

And lastly, a lot of his fears are from his misunderstanding. My brother is just a very indirect, indecisive person whereas I am the complete opposite. If he thinks I don’t care, it’s more likely that I didn’t really understand the weight of it all.

Hope we can solve this issue. I don’t want any more heart aches.

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  1. Hello there! 🙂 I hope you’ll both resolve this soon. I know it’s hard coping since your daddy passed away and it’ll be more heartbreaking for your mom to know that you have a misunderstanding. Parents are more hurt when children fight. Hugs!

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