I’ve been in a bad mood these days…

The thing I hate the most about the Philippines is the lack of freedom and voice that I’ve enjoyed versus when I was living abroad. Overseas, I wore exactly and stayed out as late as I wanted, but here in the Philippines, I have tons of caring friends and relative tell me what they want me to do.

To top it off, by coming back here, I was letting go of my high salary back in Hong Kong. And more money means more financial freedom. 

For example, this morning, my mom asked me to change my outfit, citing that my skirt was too short. A valid point true, but hell, how old am I anyway? I don’t like to be babied!

I am also feeling the itch at work. Coming to work everyday does not keep me fulfilled, and I don’t like working for a family member because I’m pressured by my mom to help.

The only saving grace is boyfriend, who keeps me laughing every so often. Then again, relationships are all about ups and downs and our relationship experienced a minor hiccup last week after an accident.

Anyway, my mind has been a blur these days. Restless and discontent.

I hope I get out of my rut soon. 


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3 thoughts on “I’ve been in a bad mood these days…

  1. Why not bring up the idea of moving overseas together to your boyfriend after getting married?

  2. My boyfriend has a family business here, so we have to stay in Manila. I think a lot of my issues are internal. Boyfriend promises that after marriage, I’ll be living away from my brother, and hence, most of my problems will naturally dissolve away.

  3. Glad to hear that. I think that is really kind of you to decide to stay in Manila because of his family business.

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