They’re Engaged!!!

My Bible Group Leader just got engaged after less than 2 months of dating. It was announced just today via Facebook of all things, and so far, the status update is now at 200 congratulations and counting! 🙂


I always wonder what it is that people feel for them to actually take that leap from simply being together as boyfriend and girlfriend, to actually planning a life together as husband and wife.

Especially my family where almost all of us are commitment phobics. Even after three years for example, my little brother is wondering whether his girlfriend is really the Right Person for Him for the Rest of His Life.

Yes, that’s the rest of your life, yo….

As Boyfriend and I shyly celebrate our ninth month anniversary, we are also thrown the question, “How serious are we? Are we the One for each other? How will you know?”

Boyfriend berates me, “If you keep on asking if he is the right one for you, then maybe he’s not the right one for you. These things, you just know.”

I like the fact that he is so secure of us. It makes me feel loved and protected. It allows me more freedom to fall in love with him more.

It’s just me — I’ve just been a born a realistic optimist. Whom by the way they say is the happiest group of people there is.

From a relationship standpoint, it just means that though I am blissfully in love with Boyfriend, a part of me cannot help but be cautious for the fall down if any.

I guess that’s just one thing I learned after Trader — to not expect too much because even though everything seems to be perfume and roses, things may still come crashing down in the end. And who doesn’t want to get hurt? Yes, breakups are a bitch. They scar you for life. 

Regardless, I’m at a happy state. Though no relationship is perfect, I am happy in this relationship. Boyfriend and I talk a lot, and there are never really any dull moments (except when I am sleepy and take a nap).

Even then, Boyfriend cannot help but evilly mock me as you can see in the photos he’s taken while I’m blissfully sleeping (and yes, I sleep like a log):

sleep 2  sleep

Yes, these were taken at two different times… 🙁

And yes, I admit it, those photos are of me. 🙁

Oh well, you can’t say that Boyfriend doesn’t have a weird sense of humor. HAHAHAHAHA!

Have a great week ahead!


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