Holiday Today…

And am here at Boyfriend’s shop working.

ImageYes, I could be out shopping. Having lunch with friends. Or just sleeping late.

And yet, I find myself hanging out by myself at his shop.

That my friends, is what you call moral support. 🙂

It’s quite normal here in the Philippines. Many Filipino-Chinese here have their own business. And unlike other people, women are expected to help their significant others in their respective business.

For example, my mom helped my dad set up a trading business in the late 1970s. My boyfriend’s parents set up a jewelry business together from scratch. 

It’s true what they say — you often follow your parents footsteps. 

Personally, I would love to help. I think that’s why we are bred competent and educated. Women are supposed to contribute to society, starting from their spouses, to their families and lastly, to their communities. 

Our main purpose is not to just look good, but to also be good as well. 

And later, once work is over, then you reconnect once again and spend time with the family.

Ah, such is life. 

Have a great week everyone!

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