Dumpy, Dumpy?

Three years into her relationship, the girlfriend simply started to let go.

She would wear flip-flops to the office.

Started relaxing on that diet and gained weight here and there.

Got fat.


Wore dumpy clothes because tight clothes were uncomfortable, and they didn’t fit no more.

Stopped wearing make-up because she didn’t have time.

And then declared, “If he loves me for me, then he should accept me in all that I am. Fats and all.”

The boyfriend hinted on going to the gym. Called her fat to her face as if it was a joke. And she quips back, jokingly.

But it’s hard to quip back when what was said is true. If you are thin, nobody calls you fat. If you are fat, it would be a total lie if somebody said you were thin.

And yet, she doesn’t care.

Because love is all about acceptance with who you are. Because if he loves you, he will love you, fats and all. To do otherwise may mean you are a superficial man who’s just like anyone else.

As a fellow woman, I think the girlfriend is just plain LAZY.


It’s in every one’s responsibility to look good. Not just for somebody else but most importantly, for ourselves.

It is in our self-interest to be and stay healthy.

That means, controlling your diet and saying no to one more cup of milk tea with tapioca pearls. That also means making an effort and either cutting your food intake or going to the gym. Pick your poison.

To guilt-trip somebody in loving you just because they are not superficial is to mask your extreme laziness and lack of discipline in taking care of your outward and inward appearance.

And yes, call me superficial but I do believe that the more you take care of yourself, the more confidence you get, and the happier you become. It’s just the way it is.

Likewise, the more you cannot control yourself or your diet, the fatter you get, the dumpier you look, and yes, the more insecure you become, which makes you become a more miserable person to be with.

And honestly, who wants to be with someone who’s fat, knows it, and does nothing about it? It’s endemic of a person who doesn’t strive to be much in life, is happy to just sit, relax and be lazy, and THEN complains that she’s gaining weight.


If you want to lose weight, do something about it.

If you hate your job, then quit.

If you want to start a business, then go.

What’s stopping you anyway?

To complain and to sulk over something you can control is pure stupidity. It’s not as if somebody’s putting a gun to your head and feeding you sweets.

Look, I have nothing against fat people. Some of the most beautiful people I know are fat. But if you choose to be fat, then savor it. Enjoy it. Be happy with it. Accept it. And don’t sulk and complain about it.

To do so is pure stupidity.

Agree or disagree?

Have a happy Monday!

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