HKUST MBA Finance Club Questions & Answers

1) What are the most important advice you can give to the next year club committee? 
Pick the right leaders. If you pick the outgoing candidate who’s all talk but no action, the club will suffer. That’s what happened the year after me when the leader used the position to get himself a finance job, but was useless in the club per se (members words not mine). 
Start planning the events early on. Delegate, then follow through. Before you know it, you already have more than a handful of projects. Find out who is reliable and get these people to work for the club. Then again, this is advice any leader/project manager would know. No need for me to keep on repeating.
2) What are the things you believe would help club and the fellow students most? 
Do activities that help people get a job.
For example, how to financial model. Applications for internship are usually on September before you even start on any finance subjects. Interviews by the Christmas season. If you are unprepared for these interviews, you will not get the internship. No bank will wait till you finish your finance courses early next year before they hire you.
Remember, banks will hire you for your competence. Because you can do the job. Not because you are president of the finance club and used to be an engineer before.
3) If you look back, what are the things you wish you have done differently for the MBA Finance Club? 
Attached are the projects we all did during my year. I wouldn’t do things differently. I think we had a pretty good run given the limited time and resources we had. 

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  1. Hi Bonita. Your blog on HKUST MBA gave me a lot of useful information about it. By the way, were you the head of the Finance club? For the total time you spent on your MBA program and related activities, would you say that more than 50% of it is related to the Finance club (preparing and doing club activities)?

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