A Leap of Faith

Life is but a constant leap of faith. If you’re not really closing your eyes and making a few leaps once in a while, you probably ain’t living your life to the full. –-Bonita

The last two days had been a wee bit emotional for me.

There was a moment when I started to doubt, if Boyfriend and I are really meant to be together. And whether we have the galls to make it last.

For one, a close relative told me that he has not yet seen Boyfriend’s show of love for me. And he wasn’t that sure of Boyfriend’s sincerity.

Which prompted Boyfriend and I to talk.

Ladies, if you have an issue with your significant other, it’s always best to discuss it with them directly and not with anyone else lest you may one day be in good terms with the boyfriend, but find your confidantes at odds with your SO.

Boyfriend wrote me the following email this morning, allaying my fears and concerns.

As for the whole “seeing that I love you and will take care and protect you” I offer the following evidences that I do.
1. Fetching you almost everyday, yes we may joke about “freedom” and hall pass” (wise bird said all jokes a re half meant) but I know and you know that we would much rather be together than apart.
2. Taking your mom for dinner. Yes I have never complained and I don’t see it as a burden. I like your mom and she is adorable. The fact that she smiles and laughs when were together shows that she is not faking it or enduring it because of your sake.
3. When you ask me for help in your work stuff. Practically speaking, what benefit do I derive from helping you? Latest example is the (product that we’re researching at the moment). Realistically, who is your brother going to ask that can give an answer as straight and as blunt as I can? I do not do this to gain favor, yours or his or your mom’s.
4. Within your first month with Trader, you fought a lot. Have we ever done that? I can honestly tell myself and everyone that this is the most trouble free relationship I have ever had.
5. Legs and smartness aside, I also CHOOSE to be with you because of a lot of other things. Small things that particularly tickle me such as when you trow your head back and laugh out loud (wherein your mom shusssessss you “BONITA!) or when you purse your lips and whole face and say EWWWWWWWW. Or when you try to be cute and look at meet wide doe eyed (fail BTW because your still singkit). All these small things have made me endeared toward you
6. Knowing me as you do, do you really think that I would stay in a relationship where in we AGREE NOT TO DO ANYTHING???? Yes it’s all God’s great plan for us, but I don’t have to enjoy it or agree with it all the time.
7. And finally, I know and you know that I do love, care, treasure you and dream about us being together. If it takes other people longer to see it, then so be it. Never said it was going to be smooth sailing.


Yes, love does take a certain leap of faith.

There are good days and bad days. But love isn’t all about happy endings.

With Boyfriend, I’m glad that I am.

Have a great weekend!

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