Updates: Church Outreach on a Rainy Day

Boyfie and I went out for a church outreach project in Paco, Manila yesterday. It was to give some food and spread the Word of God to 110 street children residing by the squatter area in the railways.

It was raining hard the evening prior till the morning of. When Boyfriend picked me up at 6:00am, we were still unsure if the project would push through or not.

Fortunately, we still made a call to go through it rain or shine, and off we go! Good thing as well because the barangay captain gathered all the children and they were all waiting for us when we got there.

It was even more fortunate that the sun began to shine soon after. Talk about God’s wonderful miracles!

Here are all the 80 children properly seated when we arrived — their numbers increased to 110 as the day went on. They also became more talkative and skittish too.


We first fed them goto (chicken porridge) and then taught them a simple Christian song. There were also games and a puppet show telling the miracle of Jesus and the Five Loaves and Two Fish.


Afterwards, we gave each child a backpack filled with school supplies, a plastic full of rice grains, and some treats. They were all noisy and makulit. But they lined up to get their give-aways.

Overall, we were darn exhausted. We woke up at 6:00 am and the outreach lasted up till 3pm. We haven’t even had lunch yet.

Regardless, it was such a fulfilling project, and hopefully, Boyfriend and I can do this more again.

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