The ABC of Success

A wise man once told me, there’s the ABC of Success:

A for Ability: To be a success, you have to be able. Competent. Good at what you do, whatever that can be. You can be the best blogger in the world and get paid gazillions. Look at Xiaxue.  You can also be good at golf. Look at Tiger Woods.

B for Bravery: Get out of your comfort zone. Take a risk. Do something. Worlds are conquered and made by people who have the courage to stick your neck out. Not from hiding under your mommy’s skirt. 

C for Chance: Success is 98% hard work, 2% luckiness. But that luckiness does wonder. A person can be so hard working but if luck doesn’t smile on that person, that person will still end up at a pauper’s house. Someone has to give you a chance. Life becomes so much easier when someone gives you a chance. 

Right now, we already have the ability. Everything we’ve done so far is to study hard and be where we already are. All we need is chance and bravery.

Don’t you agree?

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