I love you, hamster,” he said as he touches my hair.

Love you too,” I reply.

Yup, this is nice.

Correction: it’s real nice.

It’s amazing though how this is so different from my last relationship.

For one, I really look forward to seeing him.

I sincerely enjoy his company, and time simply flies.

With Trader, it was as if I was accompanying him to a dinner and a movie. We would hold hands but in a way, it was as if we were moving along the motions.

With him however, I don’t know. I cannot help but be more involved. When he is apart, I scuttle near him.

With Trader, it’s as if I am merely hearing myself speak. I talk about my problems, school issues and such. And Trader listens and nods, agreeing all the time.

With him, he reacts. Laughs. Gets surprised. Feels. Gets involved.

There is feedback, and I like it. I have someone to volley ideas with, and his opinions, though they’re nowhere near mine, has merit.

With Trader, he has to be asleep by 11:00pm because of work tomorrow. And I have to fend for myself till 2:00am.

With him, oh my.

It’s an adventure. Everyday is a surprise, and even the most mundane things ends up in laughter. Like finally, I have someone to do things with till the end.

Yes, Trader was so much better in paper. Atenean graduate (Note: Ateneo is considered a good school in the Philippines), super smart. Worked in a bank.

This guy however graduated from a rival school. Smart in his own way. Builds his own business. Not as popular and notorious. Tactless at times.

But I don’t mind.

In fact, this is what makes him, him.

Yup, this is real nice indeed.

Very very nice. 🙂

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  1. I enjoy your thoughts and comments B, but another post about Trader? You really need to let go of that. Stop always mentioning the ex-bf with the current bf. To be honest, some of your posts since he became ex-Trader have been pretty bitter. It’s quite a contrast to the lovely attitude you had when you were in Hong Kong before starting your MBA when I began following your blog.

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