Getting Lost, Being Found

Two more days before I get back to London after an almost 2-week journey around Spain alone.

I was in Madrid from last week Sunday afternoon to Thursday, Granada over the weekend, and thru the overnight train already in Barcelona till Friday.

In a way, it’s a bit frustrating because you couldn’t sample as much tapa as you want if you had a companion. It’s almost more expensive from an accommodation point of view. A savings of 15-20 Euro a day DOES add up.

However, it has been also exhilirating traveling alone.

You can’t imagine just how many churches I’ve been to, prayed and cried. Or exploring what type of travels that I personally like (e.g., wake up early, get brunch to eat, scour the city in the afternoon, having a nice dinner and walking around to go back to hostel).

I used to think I was that early bird who wanted to do everything when traveling from the early morning sun. However, I realized that I actually like lounging in bed in the morning, and go out energized in the afternoon. Didn’t know this before.

I also realized that I liked to “see” places. I am not the type of person who likes just walking around doing nothing. I want to see stuff, and check them off from my guidebook.

Shopping is also terrific with the tax-free rebate. Not as much as I’ve hoped though. Gosh, have to stop shopping.

In addition, I wrote something on my diary about my feelings. They were very real. I realized so many things during this trip about myself, about the relationships I’ve had with other people, etc.

Oh and for my breakup, yeah — I’ve kinda got over my “I blame myself completely for the demise” phase, and have moved on to a healthier place. I will type down what I wrote to share later.

In the end, these times has been about changes, and acceptance.

In a weird way, it’s about trust. Trust in God. I know some of you are not Christians, but I am and I cannot stress just how much my beliefs have helped me during these dark days.

Trusting in Him that He knows the way and has plans for you.

I leave with a quote that I found about reveling in Singleness:

“Good news: this is the life of a Christian. My Father is working everything out. He will provide for me. Today, I have everything I need for life and godliness. Today, nothing good has been withheld from me. Today, He is ordaining every detail of my day for my good. Today, I don’t need to be anxious about anything because He will take care of me.

The answer to the “why am I single” question is always: Because Jesus loves you. Because this is Him giving you what you need for today. Because this is the only way you’re going to finish this race. Because He promised to give you what was good and best and the key to your ultimate joy—and He’s going to do that, despite your attempts to sabotage your life.

We’ll waste this suffering if we look to our “odds” for hope instead of trusting in Jesus. We’ll waste it if we think the key to our joy is taking control instead of trusting. I know this tendency. It produces every kind of evil in coveting and questioning: Why is that girl married and not me? What if I don’t go to this party tonight and so I stay single? Don’t I have to put myself out there more? If I go to the nations, how will I meet a husband?

God’s mission calls. It is the purpose of our lives. Press on for the goal of the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Do not be distracted by details like marital status. Do not be kept out of the fight by fear of missing out on a date, but seek the greater glory of God.”




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