Things you DON’T do after a breakup

I hate my friend Jacky.

Last week, he said that a lot of guys were turned off by me because they found me to be aggressive, demanding, tough. He said I needed to change and improve and he’s just telling me this because he is a friend.

So what do I change then?

“You can start with your hairstyle,” he suggested. “Maybe curl it.”

I thought he was really stupid but after I thought about it more, I wondered, what I would look like with a nice wavy haircut? Stars usually have nice shiny wavy hair. Think Kate Middleton or Jessica Simpson right?

After I saw Britney Spears, there were a few dancers with nice wavy hair. I’ve decided to just f*ck it and perm my hair.

There’s a salon next to my house operated by some Turkish men. They told me that I should do a “Spinal perm” because it’s big wavy curls and is sexy. After some haggling, I agreed – and so my GBP 130 hairstyle is coming up.

And this is the result of my adventure…

I look like a Santo Nino….!


Okay, so i look horrible. And poorer by GBP 130.

But then again, it’s so hilarious I can’t help but smile so wildly. It’s really funny!

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