My best friend’s crash and burn

My best friend said that her new romance had crashed and burned. It was only a month or two since it began.

She is a senior resident at a hospital.

The guy is a junior resident with a complicated past. And baggage.

She had just broke up with a man early this year a week before their four year anniversary. The ex met someone new at the same hospital he worked in and posted that he was in a relationship with the other woman three months after he and my best friend broke up.


She cried and moaned. Grieved. But the junior resident caught her attention. He was funny and charming and had some baggage.

After crushing on him for a month, she found out he liked her too. And they kinda got together.

But now she tells me it’s like, over.

I asked why, and if it was her issue or his?

It’s his issue,” she replied.

Aiya – that’s what happens guys! When men jump into a relationship without thinking about the consequences too much.

My best friend is kinda insecure and uptight. She is always very serious in a relationship. And yet, men would sometimes just jump headlong to a relationship with her not thinking about the future or if he’s really serious.

They just want ot be in the moment.

And of course, the woman thinks it’s serious — even though it’s not.

So a lot of heartbreaks going on. I’d bet it’s kinda awkward at the hospital nowadays.

I feel sorry for my friend. Not guilty for encouraging her. She’s in her late 20s, so she has to experience these things. Loving, then getting hurt.

Feel free to jump… but with eyes wide open,” I both encouraged and warned her months ago. Personally, I don’t think people should hold back and regret love decisoins. They should just do it and see how it goes.

But my friend is inexperienced, so is hurt. Ah well, she has to grow up a little. This is good for her.

Then again, choose men that are responsible and serious.

But who can tell anyway?

Chock this one up to experience lo! Okay, gotta have lunch. Back from Paris. Take care lo!

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