How did you deal with your breakup?

My friend is mourning…

Her ex broke up with her three months ago, citing “I just don’t see you in my future.”

Afterwards, she proceeded to de-friend him from Facebook and he proceeded to de-friend all her mutual acquaintances from his.

This week, she found out through another friend that he’s dating someone else. Bought a new car after not having one for four years that they were together so much that she had to take him home, and is dating a nurse in his hospital (he is a doctor).

Instead of feeling that he’s a complete ass, she is shattered and is just feeling sad all the time.

I forgot the times when I broke up with someone. I remember with Ex #3, I went back home, cried as loud as I could (as in seems as if I was in agony) and then was happy again in two days.

With Ex#2, it took me a whole half a year to breakup with him. But then again, that was because we were kinda seeing each other on the side even though we were unofficial.

Took us a lot of painful evenings before we decided to mutually ignore each other.

So help — how did you deal with your breakup?

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3 thoughts on “How did you deal with your breakup?

  1. She should spend time with friends. Go out have fun, flirt with guys again. Volunteer at charity organizations for people or pets and she will be able to meet other guys. As soon as a guy shows some interest she will start to get over him. Main thing is she needs to keep busy and not sit at home because her mind will start to think about him and it will take longer to get over him. The best revenge is to be happy and move on. She should also let their mutual friends know that she is dating again and couldn’t be happier now. That she has a wonderful life and that she is happy they broke up!

  2. Thanks a lot Les! That’s what I tell women – they do have to go through the painful process though, and really up to them if they can fully recover.

  3. hope she s feeling dealing with a break up right now and it is hard…

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