The first daybreak after finals!

Spending my first days of my three week holidays with Trader in Singapore. I left almost as soon as I finished my final exams.

After 12 classes, 24 units out of 52, we are now done with our first fall semester. Note to self: Do not ever get any 6-class semesters anymore. They’re crazy and makes me want to jump off a building.

Life with Trader is a lot more laidback. I think it’s part of his mysterious plan to encourage me to turn my back from the pressure-filled work and just become a tai tai and have tea with the ladies (yuck!).

Back in school, my schedule everyday was like this: Wake at 8am, Class at 9am till 12:30pm, Lunch till around 2pm, then we have the option of:

a) Groupwork at the library. This comfortably lasts 2 to 3 hours depending on the subject.
b) Recruitment event either on campus or in the HKUST Building in Central. This comfortably lasts 2 hours.
c) Extra-curricular meetings on conferences, events, etc. This lasts quite a while too.
d) A combination of A, B, and/or C. Kill me nao

I think my life as an MBA is far more hectic than when I was working. Back then, I still had my Sundays. At HKUST, call me a nerd but my Sundays are purely devoted to working or studying. Drives me up the wall.

So after 3.5 months of non-stop work, there is silence.

I am enjoying this silence. This ability to actually sleep early and not at 3am, and to wake up later than my usual schedule. 

I like the fact that I can actually plan my day with pockets of spare time in between instead of cramming as much as I can. Even then however, I still have my macroeconomics paper, and some research to be done today.

Trader wants to eat my cooking, but I told him the home-cooked dinner would have to wait tomorrow. I am really just too stressed out today for a phone interview tomorrow.

Okay, gotta start eating my breakfast and working. Talk soon! Will update more now that we’re comfortably on vacation!

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