It’s all downhill for Singapore?

I’ve noticed that there are far more non-Singaporeans in Singapore nowadays. These are the men who man the Kilkenny Coffeeshops or sell cosmetics at Isetan.  

The problem is that the Singaporean youth is far too sheltered,” one insider had commented. “They have no qualms in turning their backs away from jobs if they think it’s not worth their time. The problem is, the jobs that they believe are worth their time are far more limited. So people who get employed are the non-Singaporeans.”


The most dangerous thing is when somebody believes he/she is entitled to something,” Trader added. “If everyone feels the same way, then the society will go downhill.” 

I have the greatest respect for Singaporeans. My godfather is Singaporean, and I’ve always liked that Singapore is so clean and orderly. However, through the years, I feel that Singapore has deteriorated a bit.


The women don’t dress up and wear their regular tanktops, shorts and flipflops,” I commented. “The issue is they drag their feet on the floor. They stand sloppily. They don’t try as hard.”


I think that a society that stops trying their very best is on the road to uncompetitiveness. Though some parents may complain that their kids study too hard and carry too many books, I think it’s a good thing. With children in India and China who try doubly hard to succeed in the world, we really have to toughen up to remain competitive. Just being good enough is apparently not enough. 

If there’s any regret I have in my life, it’s that I wasn’t pushed hard enough.

My parents were happy enough that I was a relatively healthy, well-behaved child. Sure, they still have remnants of traditional Chinese parents (e.g., my dad lamenting I didn’t graduate with honors so he couldn’t post his congratulations on the local newspaper), but then again, they were happy if I was content, settled and married.


The fact that I am not yet married distresses my mother especially. “I’m glad you haven’t killed each other yet,” she once told Trader. “Bonita has a few odd quirks that you need to get used to.”

 Anyway, let me get back to the topic before I digress. Trader tells me I push myself too hard. However, having worked with Mainlanders before, I don’t think I’m good enough yet. I feel that I need to work harder, and try harder or be content with my fate. If Trader had his way, it would’ve been a sweet housewife to two to three kids.


Anyway, I cannot help but notice how Singapore is losing its competitive edge. With the rise of China, where else would Singapore go? Yes, they’re now exporting high-tech medicines but till when can they keep this competitive advantage?

 I am thinking too hard again which is really useless. My flight leaves soon enough for Hong Kong. Tomorrow, I’ll be back in the Philippines with family. The next couple of days would be hectic, but I do look forward to a relaxing 2-week vacation. To be honest, my Singapore vacation went by too fast.

Hope all is well with all. Take care and happy holidays!

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