You got that right. Your blogger is P.I.S.S.E.D.

Reason? Unresourceful, lazy classmates who make constant excuses and do mediocre work.

Given that we’ve been working professionals before our MBA, you wonder why they wouldn’t be better at work.

Yes yes, I know everyone has different motivations from getting an MBA, but seriously, how can people not respect theirselves and their work? How can they be okay in providing sub-par work?

To give you a context, we’ve been asked by our professor to come up with a research paper. The assignment was given weeks ago, and the professor even gave us the blueprint on how to write our paper, and where exactly to search the information for in the library. In other words, all we need to do is put everything together.

The day before we’re suppoed to meet with the professor, my classmates gives me a call asking where to find the information. I told them that it’s all on the references the professor provided earlier. I myself spent a few hours last Sunday looking into the data, copying and pasting into a neat Excel file.

Then two hours later, they said that the data was unavailable, and they have to pay to get the data. Mind you, this was public statistical informatoin that can be found in five major global sites like the IMF, World Bank, Economic Business Unit, etc. They said that if they wanted access to one reference, they have to pay for the annual fee.

I did the checking myself and the data was available in four other sites. Just a matter of filling in the blanks and doing the work.

Aaaaaaaaargh. What’s so difficult in tapping the name of what you need, then press SEARCH? Then putting all the data onto one Excel spreadsheet? It doesn’t really take any genius to do that.

Trader says that it’s because they’re unresourceful.

I personally think that it’s because they’re just lazy. I mean, seriously. Type the name, then press SEARCH. And everything else is an excuse?

I realize now that not all MBA students are created equal. Yes, I do know that everyone has different sets of intellectual horsepower, but what lacks is the heart, and the internal habit of success.

Anyway, gotta do my operations homework now. Argh, argh, argh.

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3 thoughts on “Pissed.

  1. Just spent the last half an hour or so browsing through the blog and reading of your HKUST adventures. Wow.

    Always wondered what it would look like for a Taiwanese to take the UST MBA program here in HK, and it’s especially interesting looking at it all from your female perspective on things – life, business, success and dating.

    Will keep following…

  2. Thanks Fili and Wendy!

    MBA is a love-hate relationship. Meaning, what you give is what you take. You can be a total slacker if you wish and still manage to pass, or you can really squeeze the most out of the time given to you. That choice, is really up to the person. 🙂

    Happy weekend!

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