Finals coming up in HKUST

We’re around 5 days away from finals that arrive next week, and many of us are pooped.

We have around three quantitative subjects — Corporate Finance, Operations and Managerial Accounting — plus one Finance elective, with Information Systems and Macroeconomics to boot. Just so you can imagine our work, here’s our breakdown for the week and time required to finish it:

* Corporate Finance homework and quiz: 1.5 hours – 2.5 hours to finish. Okay enough.

* Macroeconomics: A 10-page paper about a macro issue and a 15-minute presentation that totals to a silly huge number of your grade %age. Not that I’m complaining, but just sayin’ this is an important paper!

* Information Systems: Need to study for finals. That’s 8 weeks worth of stuff. This comes after reading a 15-page case.

* Managerial Accounting: Strategy paper – check. Spent 4 hours with group discussing it, 1.5 hours preparing for it.

* Operations Management – read it for an hour if you remove all time wasted on Facebook and answering emails. The paper which is 4-pages took me around 2-3 hours to write, and I’ll prolly spend an hour or two to polish it.

* Elective – kill me now. I’ve read the notes, read the book, and I still don’t know what to do.

This came after the Finance Club held a stock pitch competition where we had 10 minutes to present about Esprit Holdings (330.HK). We spent the whole of last weekend to research about the company and then preparing a presentation. Sheesh man, and this didn’t even have an impact to our grade except for the wonders of having a great educational experience.

Tonight, I’m planning to do my elective case plus my operations paper. I plan to do my macro paper tomorrow, and then cry.

I couldn’t really bear it anymore. After sleeping till 3am everyday (and 5am last Thursday), my body just had to take its badly needed rest and I finally succumbed to a 1.5 hour blissful sleep just to ensure I don’t physically crash.

That was a great decision. Am back to form – another fight.

I think everyone else is feeling the heat on different ways.

And this btw, is the way to see who are the winners, losers, slackers, and nerds.

Haha, that’s how pressure is. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Finals coming up in HKUST

  1. Your posts about classes make me wonder how I’ll do in the next few years. I’m a the end of an almost identical program (specializing in Information systems but have already had Managerial Accounting 1 & 2, 3x Macroeconomics, 3x Microeconomics, Human Resources, etc…) and am learning very similar things.

    On the other hand, my work experience is 0 days. Sure, I’ve been to a few places as a trainee, but it’s still zero work experience. I often think about whether I should have first worked in the field for several years because all those adds asking for “5+ years experience at position X” make me cower in fear 😛

    Happy New Year!

  2. Are you taking up masters Paladin? If so, the name of the masters actually matter more than the subjects you are in. Also, it depends where you reside. In Hong Kong, I think a masters still reap benefits especially in consultancy and finance, fields I want to get into.

    Please give me more info about you so I know the context. Personally, even though am studying macroeconomics AGAIN, my real world experience makes the subject more relateable. I know how exactly I will use my knowledge to further my career. Zero work experience is common for fresh graduates so it’s always good to get more. Unfortunately, you may have to start at the bottom but then again, so did everyone else. 🙂 It’s an experience by itself!

  3. In Croatia, the “Bologna Accord” has divided university level education into 1- undergraduate (3 years, bachelor of…), 2- graduate (2 years, magister of…) and 3- postgraduate (2 years, doctor of…).
    The 2nd one, which I am at end of (have only the final thesis or diploma left), is considered the same as “Master’s” outside European Union. The name of my current program is “Graduate studies of Business Economy – Information Management”.

    For example, I had Managerial Accounting 1 as obligatory before, but now Managerial Accounting 2 is elective course for me and I didn’t take it. Instead, the obligatory courses are software ones like “Business Intelligence” and “Process Simulation”, and I take elective courses from marketing, like “Customer Relationship Management”.

    Hope all this makes sense if you’d like to compare it with your courses 🙂

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