Greetings from Doha!

At the airport in Doha waiting for our flight to send us to Luxor. Sniffling with a stubborn cough that couldn’t go away, I now woed that I never really learn how to spit.

We call spitting dura in our hometown, with the a said in a complete stop. It’s as if it’s an ugly dirty word, and it is. Who else for example wouldn’t wince when a dirty Chinese guy spits on the street. Even worse, what about a binlang chewing man in one of the counties outside Taipei?

But it’s this inability to even spit that has led me to be coughing incessantly from the 8 hour flight from Hong Kong to Doha. Damn good manners mommy! If I knew how to spit, I wouldn’t be in this mess and all the nasty phlegm would’ve had fled from my system earlier on, guaranteeing a speedier recovery.

It was kinda embarrasing. Thank god it wasn’t SARS season or else, I wouldn’t even get this far. I can imagine my unfortunate seatmate wincing every time I gave my chesty, throaty and unsexy cough.

Sigh, that’s what you get for watching Sex and the City 2 in a threatre that runs their aircons in full blast. The movie wasn’t even that good!!! *grumbles*

And now, I may be cursed to go around Egypt dehydrated and sick. Great, just great.

Nonetheless, Trader is in the hot seat though he doesn’t know it yet. That darn man has yet to message me since I’ve arrived. If I knew, it was probably because it was too pricey. Argh, the man really knows how to win the battle but lose the war.

Have faith though Bonita. That man would surely come to his senses in time. Till then, no contact.

Anyway, Egypt. Your blogger is excited. It’s her first time there you know? However, after I publish this post, your friend is off to sleep. Her cough has left her sleep deprived and watching movies like Daybreakers didn’t really help. Though I think Ethan Hawke made that film all the more worthwhile to stay up watching.

Gotta go. Will try to update more about Egypt instead of the more boring Doha airport. I’ve been here before when I visited glorious Turkey the last time around and even got a meal voucher then.

Three hours later and then we arrive. It’s around 6am today in Doha and am super tired.

Hope all is well. Have a great week everyone!

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