In Luxor

Just a brief note to all you readers saying that am still alive. Burnt, feeling very hot, but ALIVE!

Current location: Luxor

What I did today: Visited the Valley of the Kings and even went inside the young pharaoh’s tomb at a pretty 100 LE (multiply by 1.3 to get the HKD equivalent). Yes, that’s the cursed King Tut’s tomb!!!

We also visited the Luxor Temple as well as the beautiful Temple of Hepshepsut.

I’m working with a 30-minute internet service and it’s running out now. I’ll give you guys more updates once I come back to Hong Kong on the weekend. Fortunately, I brought my netbook so I’ve been logging my daily adventures there.

Hope all is well. Slightly unhappy that Trader has not really been very communicative while I was in Egypt, citing that without my blackberry, it is harder for him to keep in touch given that text messages and calls cost a fortune.

Excuse? Sounds like excuse to me.

Anyway, no use worrying about that now. Onto the next place tomorrow! 🙂

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