Trader’s Birthday Treat

Just came back from a week-long visit to Singapore. It was Trader’s birthday weekend so it was really nice to be able to spend it with him. In addition, I get to “escape” the pressures of work, and there were no annoying calls from the office asking last-minute questions because I was very clear that I’d be traveling.

Being a house-girlfriend can be a bit annoying. Now that I’m no longer pre-occupied with work, I spend the whole morning sleeping till around 10-ish and then trying to busy myself till Trader gets off work till around 6pm.

What’s more, given that I’m already deliriously unemployed, I couldn’t really take advantage of the great Singapore sale because heck, am no longer making an income! 🙁

Yes yes yes, I know that my MBA dreams come to life come August, but the fact that am only spending money off my bank account is driving me completely nuts. Say goodbye to Prada bags and Dior makeups because these will be things of the past.

Even worse, I caught the cold and dry cough while watching Sex and the City 2 in a theatre with full-blown aircon. Given that the movie sucked ass, it wasn’t really a worthwhile trade and as soon as the girls traveled to Abu Dhabi, everything went downhill from there. And there I was shivering in the cold while hearing Carrie ramble on again and again about being unfaithful and Samatha feeling as if she’s still in menopause and can’t really have glorious uninhibited s*x unlike before when she was young.

You’re right, A-Team was so much better,” I whispered to Trader who was happy that a guy flick bested a well-loved chick flick.

Then again, it was the normal things that counted during my visit. Trader is never really that suave, debonair type of boyfriend who’ll whisk you off to see shows in the newly-opened casinos or take you to Universal Studios. Life with Trader instead would be more like eating in hawker restaurants, browsing bookstores and watching movies.

Sigh, I remember the times when the guy would whisk me off and take me to nice dinners, but Trader is a safe type of guy and nothing pains him more than spending so, there. We accept the man for all his weaknesses as his strengths well outweighs his flaws. 🙂

But he did take me to nice meals even though they’re not the typical meals that kwai los would usually take you. For example, on our last evening, he took me out for some steamed fish, clams and veggies and those were yummy. That surely beats any French restaurants in Singapore!

I also loved the food courts and hawker places. Not only were they cheap but the varieties made my head spin. 🙂

On his birthday however, I refused to go cheap and treated him to a nice birthday dinner at the Sage which was located in 7 Mohammad Sultan Road near Dhoby Ghut. I really really enjoyed their escargot/prawn risotto which is served as an appetizer for SGD25.

It was surprisingly even better than the duck confit (SGD38), which my colleague has claimed to be uber delicious. Sure, the skin was crisp and the meat was tender, and I loved the streak of mashed potato on the side, but flavor-wise, nothing really beat the intricateness of the risotto. It was as if we had to take a moment to decide what flavors were mixed on the rice, and that was glorious.

They were even nice to give us a complimentary chocolate dessert that’s sure to give anyone who eats it a heart attack. Later, I gave my boyfriend a nice man wallet to replace his dilapidated one. 🙂

Oh you don’t need to Bonita,” Trader insisted. “Your presence here is more than enough.”

For a man who refuses to splurge and saves up for converse shoes, it’s my pleasure to give him a touch of heaven. Big days aren’t really big days unless they’re fully celebrated.

Anyway, gotta start packing for my trip. Will leave this for now.

Hopefully, there is wireless internet in Egypt as am bringing my netbook for easier updates. Hope all is well in your side of the world. Take care and misses!

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