Our almost one-year anniversary

For our first year anniversary, we celebrated it at one of the nicest restaurants in Singapore.

The place was called Jaan Par Andre, which is located at the 70th Floor of the Swisshotel Singapore. “Jaan is the 39th best restaurant in the world, Bonita,” Trader told me last Saturday with pride. “And it’s the second best restaurant in Singapore.”

I was tickled pink with his surprise.

Loyal readers know that my dear boyfriend is in no way the uber-generous tycoon who spends money like water. He was for example unlike my ex-boyfriend Mark who would get mad when I would secretly pay the bill. Trader was very practical, and he like many Filipino-Chinese men loved to save money for the future.

So as you can see, Jaan was truly an occasion for us both. And it was definitely a culinary delight.

Trader also surprised me with a simple toggle Tiffany & Co. bracelet which looks similar to this but instead of just a blank heart says, “I love you” on the engravement.

It was in no way a Tiffany ring, but bah, I totally loved it anyways. Sure, it was kinda bulky but heck, it was his gift to me so I love it.

My mom who is the avid romantic wrote me an email the day after asking why I would be taking off work so early. I think she is unaware of my plans to travel althroughout before starting my MBA adventure.

If Trader has proposed,” she wrote, “you should let us know ASAP. Of course, we should not let our daughter go bare and must prepare for arrangements.”

I was in a way both shocked and amused.

Marriage! So soon?! 🙂

It’s been said that it takes a year for a couple to get to know each other before one can even consider the other as her partner to be. Why is it that we spend more time deciding where to live than who to marry? We can always buy/sell another house in the few years but marriage is for life. If it is for life, why not spend more time dating?

As I’ve written my mom, “Just to make it clear, though Trader and I have celebrated our first year anniversary, he has in no way proposed yet. Nor do I think is he in a hurry. The fact his parents are not really too much into me doesn’t speed things up for us. Getting to MBA is also another factor. As dad had said, it would be better to finish MBA first before diving into anything serious. We are most likely following that track and any proposal to start a life together may be delayed until I finish my course.

Which btw suits me just fine. Though 29 may be a bit too “old” for a woman in Philippine standard, in Hong Kong and Taiwan, it’s still relatively young to start a family. That is, if in case we do start one. So my motto here is que sera sera… what will be will be. And if dear Trader take too long to decide, well, there’s always Plan B. Which is why it’s great that I’m taking the MBA. Win or lose, education is still something that nobody can take away from you.”

I can imagine my mom now burrying her head in frustration over her stubborn daughter. Why oh why doesn’t she put family first and start popping out babies?! If there’s a guy who wants to marry her, then better jump at the chance.

Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, my parents do not have much confidence in my getting married. My mom wants me to snag Trader while he’s still unaware, while my dad is surprised that any guy, and a decent one at that, would even want me!

Anyway, to ensure my mom doesn’t suffer from heart attack, I continue to write, “Anyway no fear though, we are in a serious relationship and the more I am with him, the more I can think of a future with him. We are happily enjoying our dating period for the meantime, which I think is great. “

And I meant every single word.

So yes, personal life is great and I’m looking forward to the next few weeks ahead. After I leave my company, much traveling is being planned. I am thinking for example of taking advantage of cheaper fares to Egypt, then to Singapore, then to Australia before visiting family for 2 weeks late July.

Hope all is well. Belated happy mother’s day!

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