The truth about aging

Let’s admit it, ladies.

We will never really look as fresh as we did when we were in our early 20’s.

Cellulite starts attacking us as we hit out quarter life crisis and my first forehead wrinkles appeared this year. Now, it’s as if I had them all along.

Sure, with the right outfit and attitude, I can still look hot and sexy. However, it’s time to face the music — I will never look as fresh and young as I did.

All has changed. My girlfriends look similarly tired, marred by years of disappointments and terrible boyfriends. My married friends gained weight after childbirth and kept it.

And yet we delude ourselves into thinking that we’re still as hot as before. “I want a guy who wants me for my brains and personality, and not for my looks,” we scream.

Gimme a break – even Trader who is terrific can also be superficial at times.

Time to face the music. Young at heart doesn’t make us young. But it does mean that we can’t have fun in the aging process.

Have a good week!

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