I came home Sunday discovering that my house has been broken into. The damages were my Sony Vaio Laptop, some cash and jewelry.

Irreplaceable are the gazillion of photos stored in my laptop as well as my almost finished MBA application essays. Also lost was my sense of security in my apartment — what would’ve happened if I was in the apartment if the man tried to steal themselves in?

The police said it’s because of Chinese New Year season. What’s scary is that the burgler knew I was not at home when he attacked, as if he was tracing my action.

Regardless, it’s a mighty scary feeling. Even after the police report, I doubt if they can ever recover my laptop and my precious memories.

Here’s the guy replacing the locks on my apartment. Scary but necessary. Pls be careful so you don’t end up like me.


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2 Responses to Burglerized!

  1. Dragonstalker says:

    Holy shit! This is really unsettling, particularly because it’s a flat in Hong Kong for which I would say that you’re absolutely safe in. Now that’s shattered….

    None of the neighbors heard anything? Was the door broken or the lock picked? Did your laptop have a password or fingerprint protections?

    This really sucks 🙁

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