Updates: Merry Christmas!

To start off, allow me to greaet you a belated mery christmas and an advanced new year! Let me share with you a cool video of a mashup of the greatest hits in 2009:

Life has been so busy for me lately. I just came back from a weekend vacation in the Philippines, and flying off to Singapore tomorrow to be with Trader. Work is pretty tiring and it pains me to be a bit bitchy of all the stress.

Still have to shower, pack and do my nails. Sigh, busy busy busy.

The good news is, I survived the trip back home. My dad only made one mess of a thing when he kept on blaming me going home via Cebu Pacific, which is a budget airline. He perceives the flight as not that safe.

He was so busy ranting about Cebu Pacific that he didn’t really mention Trader at all. I’ve yet to officially introduce him and hope to do so in February when we’re both back home for Chinese New Year (so wish us luck!).

My older brother also started introducing a Filipina girlfriend which was a no-no, taking off the heat from Trader. “Why do you choose girls that become uglier in time?!” my dad sermoned. He can be quite straightforward when he wants to. “I liked your previous girlfriends, why keep on chasing them?”

My brother is 44 years old and is still looking for the One. I guess, being commitment phobic runs in the family. I mean, without Trader’s persistence, I’d be happy as a single bird too. There’s really nothing wrong in being single.

The issue I feel is that my brother is looking for the perfect girl for him, setting any woman he dates for failure. “You need to admire the girl, put her in a pedestal. Otherwise, you’ll always think the better one is out there somewhere.”

I don’t blame him. It’s easy to make that mistake — to wonder if someone better is out there.

So far, I don’t feel that with Trader. I feel very fortunate to have him, sticking around still for me. “Bah, you’re still in love,” my little brother chided. “Of course he will show his best foot forward.”

Anyway, point being is that I think my brother has a high possibility of breaking up with his girlfriend of one year. The reason? His not being content with who his girlfriend is.

She can dress up more. She’s far too simple — very jeans and t-shirt type of girl — all the time.”

“She’s not that ambitious. She’s happy where she is at her job. I wish she’ll take more classes, explore the world more, read books. At least, she’s just not doing something. What if we have kids? Can she nurture my children?”

“She’s not the type to meet the friends and parents. It makes me feel that in the future, I have to split my time between the three in order to satisfy all of them.”

“She’s not that great of a communicator. You don’t really know what she’s thinking.”

All criticisms, right? You know come to think of it, I fit his profile of a perfect woman where I can dress up, am quite ambitious, love to integrate herself in a guy’s life and very vocal. However, simultaneously, I’m troublesome because I attract too much attention, restless, nosy and super direct.

Hence, my point is, there’s always two sides to a coin. Luckily, my guy accepts my bad sides so far and sees them as good.

In return, my dad and mom are busy matching my little brother off to their organization’s secretary. Hilarity ensues.

Anyway, gotta go and pack. Still a busy evening so just saying hi!

Hope all is well. Have a happy new year! 😀

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